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Our Trip to Charlotte in Pictures

Last week we took a mini-vacation to Charlotte, NC. Joe grew up there so we visited some old friends, ate too much and shopped at IKEA (I’ll save the details of our purchases for another post). We had a fabulous time, here are a few pictures to prove it.
 A little coffee (chocolate milk) and work (games) on the road.
 Playing chess at a coffee shop while dad refuels and hangs out with his high school buddy Mike.
 My delicious lunch from The Cowfish – sushi AND a burger AND sweet potato fries!
 Jude’s “sushi” (AKA PB&J) roll from The Cowfish.
 Noah took a lot of naps.
 Joe gives The Cowfish a thumbs up.
 Owner of The Cowfish, Marcus Hall gave Jude and Noah a special gift, The Legend of the Cowfish.
 A random nice lady gave us this awesome coupon outside of IKEA. 
Yes! I worked out in the hotel’s “fitness center” It was like 100 degrees in there and the equipment was from the late 80’s but they had cable!
 This is Noah’s “I’m over IKEA” face.
I can’t wait till they open a Cowfish in Raleigh.
Mini-Vacations are the best!

Caught in a White Lie

We tell little white lies.

“Why yes, I do love your $400 hair cut.”
“Thanks Mother-in-law for this beautiful sweater.”
“I did read all of those forward emails you sent me. They were funny.”

As a parent I find myself telling all kind of lies and really ridiculous lies for that matter.

“Jude, if you eat all of your vegetables you will grow to be the tallest kid ever.”
“I did see that kebks…mumble mumble.”

We tell these lies out of love, because we want to protect those dear to us. I feel bad lying to Jude but at the same time he could theoretically grow up to be super tall, I don’t know that. I’m just hoping that when he gets old enough to realized I’m not being completely honest with him he won’t be completely disappointed. I’d never want to cause my child pain, which is why I guess I lie to him. Funny how that works.

Have your kids ever caught you in a lie? See how Frankie, the loving wife and mother of three from ABC’s The Middle handles her white lies when her youngest son becomes the wiser. Available for pre-order
I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote The Middle Season Two on DVD.

Family Coffee Date

We had a pretty awesome weekend. Joe was supposed to work on Saturday but last minute he didn’t have to go in so that was a pleasant surprise. 
One of my favorite parts of our weekends is family coffee. Joe is the only one in our family that drinks coffee. (although I think Jude would drink it if we let him) So late Saturday morning we all head out to a local coffee shop and we drink, play games, read books, talk and just relax. It’s pretty much the best way to kick off the weekend.

The Lost Art of Family Dinners

Having 2 littles forces us to slow down. I’m an on-the-go kind of gal and after Jude was born it was a big adjustment for me to not be going ALL THE TIME. 

Three years and 1 baby later I’m only beginning to learn how to take it easy and enjoy life along the way.

One of the perks of slowing down is the family dinner. Food is a big part of our lives and almost every night we sit down together to enjoy a home cooked meal. There’s no hurry. We sit, eat and just enjoy each others company. Some of my fondest memories from childhood were made sitting around the dining room table. Life can get pretty busy and I find that I miss a lot of memory making opportunities along the way. Our family dinners help me to pause and soak in life. 

In twenty years when they boys are grown I want to be able to look back and remember more than life in the fast food lane. I want to remember the time Jude discovered he like butter beans or when Noah eats his first solid food. 

I think every family should slow down and eat together as often as possible. It’s good for your soul and also your wallet.

The Calm After the Storm

It all started last Sunday. We were on our way back home from Charleston, SC driving 35 mph in the pouring rain down I-95 with our windows cracked because the AC in our van went out that morning. I was so anxious to be home and to have “normal” week, with the exception of dishing out some serious cash to fix the van’s AC. (God totally blessed us and we were able to get it fix for a fourth of the cost quoted to us in SC!) But this week was anything but “normal”. 
First there was the bizarre east coast earthquake. I was home alone with two fussy children when a I heard low pitch hum and the house began to shake. I was confused as to what was going on but I knew something wasn’t right so I quickly gathered the boys until it stopped. I thought, “Is this an earthquake, no way could that be an earthquake, it’s probably a bunch of low flying helicopters passing by.” But Twitter quickly confirmed it was indeed an earthquake. (Thanks Twitter friends for being more awesome than the news.)

After the media buzz about the earthquake died down everyone refocused on Hurricane Irene. I didn’t drown myself in the news because I knew it would produce unnecessary worry but I was constantly aware of the storm and took precautions to keep our family safe. Luckily, here in Raleigh, we didn’t see much impact from the storm. We didn’t have any trouble at our house and it actually turned out to be a peaceful and relaxing day at home with my boys. We even had some friend come over for dinner. (I made some awesome Cuban food.)

Today we took it easy, recovered from the crazy week and just enjoyed the day. I finally went to the gym for the first time since Noah was born. It felt good. I’m ready to get back into the habit of working out and to finally lose this baby weight. We spent the evening eating, playing at the park and just enjoying life and giving thanks for all that God has provided us.

I’m Going to #TypeAMom

It’s official, I’m 100% going to Type-A!

Thanks to Alpha Accounting I have my ticket. 
And thanks to my In-Laws we have a Hotel. 

Both Joe and Jude will be accompanying me to Asheville. While I’m conferencing it up the boys will hang out in Asheville doing the things that boys do. I’m so glad that we are all going as a family. My father-in-law booked us a suite in nice hotel which will be great for putting Jude to bed early. 

I’m super excited about Type-A as this is my first blog conference ever. I think the size will be perfect and since it in North Carolina I can count on some of my local blog friends to be there. 

I am really blessed to have such a great family. And I want to thank them again for their support. My parents (Alpha Accounting) for the tickets. Joe’s parents for the hotel. And Joe for encouraging and accompanying me to my first conference.

If you are going to Type-A let me know, I would love to meet you in person.

Saturdays at Home

Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for us Liebs. We got up at a respectable time but didn’t leave the house until after lunch. We played together, ate together and just had a good time. Joe made a delicious lunch of brie and tomato on a freshly baked baguette. YUM!

After lunch we went to the library for a bit. The came home where Jude took a long nap, Joe studied for his MCSE cert and I went shopping… by myself!
After nap time we spent more time at home. Joe made another delicious meal of Chicken Cannelloni… but don’t give him too much credit it was a Bertolli Oven Bake meal. (However, it was pretty cheap with my super doubles deal)
After Jude went to bed Joe went to Tir Na Nog for the Raleigh Undercover Show featuring The Whale Watchers covering the Doobie Brothers. I, however stayed home and watched a chick-flick. While I wish I could have joined all of our friends for the show I really enjoyed my night watching Confessions of a Shopaholic.
I’m really glad we had such a nice relaxing Saturday. I was looking at the calendar today and realized that we have a party or some other commitment every Saturday for the rest of the month. While I enjoy parties with my friends I really like days of nothing-ness.
In other news I found my camera… or rather Joe found it between the couch cushions. I haven’t posted any pictures lately because I couldn’t find it. Well, now it’s back and I plan to take a lot of pictures of babies, friends and things.

Welcome September

August was probably one of the hardest months our family has endured yet.
Yesterday we returned from Charleston, SC where we attended the funeral of Joe’s grandfather, George “PaPa” Hughes. It was a great trip and wonderful to see how many people loved him and received Godly counsel from him. We are sad to see him go but rejoice as he is now home!

This loss comes only a few short weeks after our miscarriage which now seems like it was ages ago. I was reminded yesterday on our drive home when the birth center called to remind me of our schedule tour that I had yet to cancel.

These past few weeks seem like a blur, but as I finally take the time to reflect I can clearly see God at work, although I don’t see the whole picture just yet.

In two weeks Joe and I will celebrate 2 years of marriage. As I look forward to our anniversary I hope we will be like Joe’s grandparents who had 66 years together!

So Welcome September. I’m glad you’re finally here.