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Our Trip to Charlotte in Pictures

Last week we took a mini-vacation to Charlotte, NC. Joe grew up there so we visited some old friends, ate too much and shopped at IKEA (I’ll save the details of our purchases for another post). We had a fabulous time, here are a few pictures to prove it.
 A little coffee (chocolate milk) and work (games) on the road.
 Playing chess at a coffee shop while dad refuels and hangs out with his high school buddy Mike.
 My delicious lunch from The Cowfish – sushi AND a burger AND sweet potato fries!
 Jude’s “sushi” (AKA PB&J) roll from The Cowfish.
 Noah took a lot of naps.
 Joe gives The Cowfish a thumbs up.
 Owner of The Cowfish, Marcus Hall gave Jude and Noah a special gift, The Legend of the Cowfish.
 A random nice lady gave us this awesome coupon outside of IKEA. 
Yes! I worked out in the hotel’s “fitness center” It was like 100 degrees in there and the equipment was from the late 80’s but they had cable!
 This is Noah’s “I’m over IKEA” face.
I can’t wait till they open a Cowfish in Raleigh.
Mini-Vacations are the best!

A trip to Charlotte

This week we took a trip to Charlotte for a blog event I was invited to (you can read more about it here.) The event was over around lunch time so Joe, Jude and I had some fun toodling around Charlotte and visiting some friends. We at lunch at Pike’s. Visited our friend Mike at a great park in Weddington. We even visited IKEA where we bought Jude a table and chair. (I’m proud to say we were only there for an hour and only spent $30!)


As usually Jude was a great little traveler. He took a few brief naps in the car but we were all pretty tuckered out when we got home last night. Overall it was a great day!

Road Trip

This past Sunday we took a little road trip to Charlotte for a friends wedding. This was Jude’s FIRST road trip but NOT his first wedding. It was actually his 4th wedding, not bad for a 5 month old.

Jude did great on the ride down for the first hour he talked and played the second hour he napped. Then we stopped changed his diaper and fed him. Then he played and talked the rest of the way there. We ate lunch at Wolfman pizza and got coffee at Dilworth Coffee . Then Joe showed me around Charlotte… where he used to live and hang out. We had a great time at the wedding. Joe got to hang out with alot of his old highschool and church friends and Jude made many new friends. At one point I think Jude was dancing with two different ladies at the same time. We got a little bit of a late start home but luckily Jude slept the whole way. It was a fun and exhausting day!