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Dinosaurs, Snakes and Bugs Galore

Last week we took a short afternoon trip to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science in downtown Raleigh. Since they opening the new wing I’ve been wanting to take Jude to check it out. The new wing, The Nature Research Center includes the SECU Daily Planet (an immersive, three-story, high-definition, multimedia space), Research Labs, Investigate Lab, Window on Animal Health, Citizen Science Center, and Science Panorama. Most of the new wing is geared toward an audience slightly older than Jude but he still enjoyed looking at all the exhibits and of course pushing all the buttons.

Most of Jude’s favorite exhibits were in the original wing.

We weren’t able to visit all of the exhibits but the great thing about the NC Museum of Natural Science is that it’s free so we can go back any time we like. It makes for a perfect rainy day outing.

We have less than a week until Jude starts school but we’re working away at our Summer Bucket List.

The Carousel at Pullen Park

We love Pullen Park. A few weeks ago we rode the train and Jude thought it was awesome. Well, last week I promised Jude we would ride the carousel. We rode the Gustave A. Dentzel Carousel (1911), which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

I guess we choose a busy day to visit because we had to wait a little while to ride and I wasn’t able to get a good spot on the carousel. I had to hold Noah and stand between two horses and another mom to hold on to Jude’s horse. And boy does that thing go fast. I was a little nervous we might fly off.

At first Jude was a little nervous but then he really began to enjoy himself.

Next time we ride the carousel I will definitely have another adult with me as it’s difficult to supervise 2 small children by yourself.

But overall it was a lot of fun and reasonably priced at $1 per person.

Another item crossed our Summer Bucket List.

Paper Bag Puppets

Craft time is Jude’s favorite time of the day. The other day we made paper bag puppets.

  • Paper Lunch Bags
  • Crayons
  • Markers

Draw a face on your puppet. Don’t forget the tongue (Jude insisted that all the puppets have tongues)

I bought blue lunch bags thinking they would be fun but it turns out it was harder to see the crayons on the blue paper. I think next time I will just go with the regular brown paper bags.

Jude loved making puppets. Not only are they fun to make but they are fun to play with all day long.


A day at the Beach!

During our trip to Charleston we made a quick stop at the beach on Sullivan’s island.

Jude absolutely loves the beach! We collected seashells, although I didn’t take any pictures of our shells. 🙁

We played in the sand!

We went walking in the water.

And Jude even tried boogie boarding with his uncle Mike.

We had a blast. I love taking the boys to the beach. They always love to play in the sand and water and I love watching them discover the new surroundings.

Our trip to the South Carolina Aquarium

This past weekend we took a short trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit Joe’s family. While there we visited the South Carolina Aquarium. Visiting the aquarium was on my Summer Bucket List but I imagined we’d just go to the NC Aquarium which is nowhere near as large as the SC Aquarium. Aside from one meltdown we all had a great time… just look at all of these pictures. No seriously, there are a lot of pictures.

Jude thinks we should get a water wall like this for our house… I agree.

“Look Mom, fish.”

Don’t tell Joe he’s sitting on a giant snake head.

Jude navigating through the fish finder to identify the fish we saw.

Watching Ships. (Not really sure what he’s looking at since we didn’t put in any money!)

Noah loved the giant fish tank. He even made friends with one of the divers.

This is the best family photo we could manage.

If you are in the Charleston, SC area I totally recommend checking out the SC Aquarium. It is a little pricy but there are so many awesome things to see and do.

Mailing a Letter to Grammie

Recently, Jude learned about mailing letters.

So Jude wrote a special letter to mail to Grammie, who lives in South Carolina.

The letter simply read I “Heart” You – Jude

We addressed the letter and Jude made sure we added a stamp.

child mailing a letter

Then this morning we put it in the mailbox.

I know Grammie will love her special handmade letter from Jude.

Another item crossed of our Summer Bucket List.

Board Game Night

On occasion we eat dinner early enough that we’ll have a little free time before bed. A few nights ago we had a good bit of time to kill before bedtime so we pulled out a game of superhero memory. It’s like regular memory but all of the cards have different superheros on them. Jude loves it!

Joe and Jude played memory a few rounds and I think Jude won every time!  Granted I think Joe was at a bit of a disadvantage because he was also entertaining a wiggly 1 year old.

It was a lot of fun and a great way to wind down for bed after a busy day.

Yep, we’re still working away at our Summer Bucket List.

Sprinkler Fail = Chalk Fun

It was pretty hot last week so I seized the opportunity to be an awesome mom and let Jude play in the sprinkler during Noah’s nap time.

We set up the hopscotch sprinkler mat in the back yard but there was a big hole in it. So we moved to plan B.

I tried to set up the Fire Hydrant Sprinkler but the ground was too hard and the plastic stake broke. Bummer.

Then the mosquitoes attacked and that was the end of sprinkler time.

Jude was pretty bummed so we moved the fun to the front drive where there were no bugs. I pulled out the chalk and we had a great time drawing pictures for Dada in the driveway.

Afternoon saved!

Playing in the sprinkler and coloring with chalk were on our Summer Bucket List. Guess we’ll have to make a second attempt at playing in the sprinkler.