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Make a Thanksgiving Tree





I don’t claim to be crafty or artistic but my boys love arts and crafts so I do the best I can. This year we decided to make a Thanksgiving tree.

It needed to be a simple craft that I could do with the boys and very little prep. So on one of our daily walks I asked the boys to collect some cool looking branches and told them we would make a cool project when we got home. Jude found one really cool branch and that was all they deemed necessary for our project. At home I brought out some construction paper, scissors, markers, a hole punch, and string. I had the boys cut out leaf shapes from the colorful paper and then we wrote thing we were thankful for on each leaf. I punched a hole in each leaf and we used the string to tie each leaf to the branches.

Now we have a daily visual reminder of what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving season.

Preschool Color Graph Game

Free Color Graph Game Printables

Jude isn’t in preschool anymore but we still do fun educational games and worksheets to keep him busy. This week we are doing a NO TV challenge so it’s imperative I have fun activities planned for our afternoons. I created this color graph because I knew we could use it for many different projects.

The color graph helps teach color recognition, counting, grouping like items and more.

First I created a color graph printable that you can use for a variety of purposes. Get creative and let me know how you used the color graph.

Printable Color Graph Then I created a color dot printable as a fun game to use with the graph.

Printable Color Dots Color Dot Game Supplies

  1. Printable Color Graph
  2. Printable Color Dot
  3. Crayons – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple


  • Print off the 2 Color Graph Game Sheets and set out the appropriate crayons.
  • Count each color dot and fill in the graph using corresponding crayon color.

  Color Graph

Our printer is acting up so the colors are a little off but Jude figured it out.

Then we also used a color dice we had to play a similar and more active game to graph. Every time Jude threw the dice he charted which color it landed on. In the end I think blue won.



He really enjoyed the activity involved in this game but was also very meticulous about charting each throw.

I’d love to hear of creative ways you’ve use the Color Graph.

St. Patrick’s Day Preschool Printable Worksheets

Jude loves doing worksheets so I like to capitalize on current holidays to keep the worksheets exciting. Since it’s now March I want to find some fun St. Patrick’s Day preschool worksheets but couldn’t really find many, so I made my own.

free st patrick's day printable worksheets

Jude particularly likes the worksheets where he has to fill in the missing numbers or letters. Enjoy!

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Counting Printable

Shamrock-Counting printable

St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Alphabet Printable

Shamrock-Alphabet printable

More Great St. Patrick’s Day Projects

Days of the Week – Free Printable

Since we’ve been using the reward charts for Jude he is constantly asking if it’s Saturday, because he knows he gets to play a video game on Saturday.  Since charts work so well for him I decided to make him a Days of the Week chart.

Days of the Week chart

The chart hangs on the fridge and each day we move the magnet to the correct day. This not only lets him know which day it is but also teaches him to read the days of the week.

Download this FREE Days of the week printable


Preschool Boy Fall Fashion

I don’t get to do a lot of clothes shopping for the boys.
See my mother-in-law likes to buy clothes for them and I am more than happy to accept anything she buys them. She picks out cute clothes that the boys love but if I were buying their clothes I might pick out something a little more edgy.

So today I did a little online window shopping for Jude and this upcoming fall season.

Here are some of my top picks:


Preschool Boy Fall Fashion

I’m seriously in love with the R2-D2 hoodie from The Gap, if they had it in my size I think I would buy myself one.

I Look Forward to Mondays

Most people dread Monday morning but I look forward to it.

We have a lot of fun during our weekends together as a family but they are also pretty exhausting. Our young children (specifically Jude) don’t yet understand the meaning of a lazy Saturday so we are constantly on the go.

Since Jude started preschool last week I’ve discovered something about his personality, he THRIVES in social environments. It’s almost as if I have a completely different child. Last week he was in such good spirits and was so well behaved I didn’t know what to do. Then Saturday came and he was right back to his strong-willed, high-energy self. It was like someone flipped a switch and he was bouncing off the walls like a ping-pong ball.

For months before school started I debated about whether or not we should send Jude to preschool but now I have no doubts what-so-ever. He has completely embraced school and never looked back. I really am shocked at how quickly and easily he adapted. I miss him dearly when he is at school but I am also so proud of him. He really looks forward to going to school and I love it.

He loves is teacher.
He loves his classmates.
He loves learning.
He loves school.

So, I look forward to Mondays.

Jude’s 1st Day of Preschool

Jude’s first day of preschool was yesterday and he absolutely loved it. I wasn’t sure if I would get teary or emotional, I didn’t. I think I was too excited for him to really think about the fact that he is growing up and becoming more independent. Also, the fact that he is such an outgoing child makes it easier, I think if he was sad and didn’t want to go I would feel the need to protect him.

While he was at school I got to spend a little one-on-one time playing with Noah and I think he loved it. He kept crawling up in my lap to give me hugs and kisses.*Swoon I also enjoyed a nice shower and got some work done while Noah took his morning nap. It’s amazing how clearly my brain can think when I have a few moments of quiet.

Noah and I picked up Jude from preschool and he got a great report from his teacher. I’m really looking forward to this school year and watching Jude learn and grow.

I think preschool is going to be good for everyone, especially after baby 3 makes is grand entrance in a few short weeks!