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The End is Near #baby4

41 weeks

As of today I am 41 weeks and 2 days pregnant with baby 4. I’ve had a lot of doctor appointments lately since they like to keep a watchful eye on babies that decide to go past their “due date”. Since all of my boys have been “late” I fully expected to be here at 41 weeks and still pregnant. I was hopefully that I wouldn’t be pregnant but alas I am.

I thought for sure that I would have this guy over the weekend but the weekend came and went and he still snug inside. To be honest I’m a little relieved that he stayed put a few extra days. Both Joe and I have been battling colds and being sick and in labor is no fun.

However, things are progressing nicely. Baby 4 is looking perfectly healthy and is estimated to already weigh around 10lbs. My placenta is healthy and I have a good deal of amniotic fluid left. As of yesterday afternoon I was 4cm dilated, 50% effaced and at about station -3. He’s in the birthing position and we’re ready whenever he is. Since I’m nearing 42 weeks they scheduled for me to be induced on Thursday morning at 6:30 am.

Last night I was awakened several times by some strong contractions and the feeling he was pushing his way down. They weren’t consistent enough to time but painful enough to wake me up. Joe also developed a slight fever last night before bed and I was extremely worried I would go into labor while he was sick. However, this morning he appears to be much better (no fever) and I’m still pregnant.

As of right now I feel very fragile, like if I moved just a certain way this baby would pop right out. He’s very low and my contractions are still strong yet inconsistent. I doubt I’ll make it to my induction on Thursday morning based on how I feel right now.

Fingers crossed.


Waiting for Baby and Binge Watching

Tomorrow is my due date. Therefore we don’t have a lot planned just in case baby 4 decides to make an appearance. Joe has also been working from home a little more to help care for the boys since my mobility has decreased and my braxton hicks contractions have increased. During afternoon naps I try to lay down for a rest but usually watch a show on my iPad.

I’m taking binge watching to a new level.

I just completed all seasons of Bones and just started watching Numb3rs.

Netflix Streaming Pioneer Woman

I also occasionally watch any HGTV Show like House Hunters or House Hunters International and of course The Pioneer Woman. Sometimes I’m productive while I watch my shows and will fold a basket of laundry but most of the time I’m timing contractions or resting my giant belly.

I have a feeling I will probably continue to watch plenty of shows on Netflix after baby 4 is born since I’ll be cuddling and nursing a newborn for the next few weeks.

A new baby is a great excuse to catch up on my Netflix binge watching…

What to watch next?

Pregnant Thoughts on Waiting – 39 Weeks

Measuring 39 Weeks

Yesterday marked 39 weeks of carrying around baby boy number 4. Over the past several weeks I’ve watched as friends, some of whom had due dates after mine, welcome into the world their new bundles of joy. As an “experienced” mom I know that due dates are just estimates and the baby will come out whenever he wants but I can’t deny that I’m anxious to hold this sweet little boy in my arms instead of my womb. All 3 of my boys were at least a week past their “due date” so I’m expecting this guy will also be late… I guess that’s partially why I’m OK with still being pregnant.

I’m excited to meet this sweet babe but I’m also excited to NOT be pregnant. It’s uncomfortable. Sitting hurts, standing hurts, sleeping hurts, eating hurts… I’m certainly ready for this baby to be outside of my body. Despite all the discomfort, I am desperately trying to soak up these last few days with my 3 big boys. Things are going to change in the Lieb house (for the better) but of course there will be a transition period and who knows how well the brothers will fare.

I’m expecting Jude will be the least phased by the addition of yet another brother. However, I wonder about how Noah and Simon will handle someone else vying for my attention. Because Noah was so young (16 mo) when Simon was born he doesn’t really know much beyond life with little brother Simon. Noah is a “typical” middle child and is always looking for my attention and affection. Simon is most certainly the baby and is easily jealous and protective of his mama. So a new baby is certain to throw a wrench into their normal lives. But they will adjust.

So while I’m excited to meet baby boy 4 I know the days of our current family life are short. I have no doubts that life with 4 boys will be new and exciting and challenging and filled with great joy but for the next few days I’m going to soak up every minute of life with just 3.

3 Boys

The Reality of Nesting during Pregnancy


Nesting is a cruel joke played on pregnant women. Your hormones and instincts get your brain thinking that all the things need to be cleaned and organized but your pregnant body can’t keep up with your brain’s crazy demands.

Nesting During Pregnancy The left side of our bedroom is ready for baby 4… all the baby items are cleaned and organized.

Nesting During Pregnancy

The right side of our bedroom looks like this. All the things we don’t know where to put end up in this chair.

Yesterday I decided to reorganize the toys and clothes for all the boys. I bought storage bins and shelves and sorted and moved heavy furniture all by myself. (stupid!) While my regular non-pregnant self would have been fine to handle such physical tasks my 37 week pregnant body wasn’t so compliant. I definitely over extended myself yesterday and today I get to reap the rewards with sore hips and exhaustion.

I’m sure Joe is tired of me ordering him to move stuff around but he happily complies and understands my need to make our home a welcoming place for this new baby. What makes nesting even MORE challenging now is the 3 small children that completely undo all the work I’ve done. Not even an hour after yesterday’s clean fest Noah promptly removed every. single. book from the bookshelf that I JUST organized. So goes life with toddlers.

As a mother with small children I’m learning to accept some of the messes but my inner clean freak will always cringe a little at the messes they constantly produce… constantly produce! It’s one of the many compromises of being a mom, one that I’m happy to make… most days.

I dream of having a professional house cleaner or organizer come and revamp my home but I know that once the children have been set free in the house all of that hard work would disappear in a matter of minutes. Still, I have this desire to clean and purge and organize… thanks to pregnancy hormones.

Are We Going To Have Another Natural Birth?

35 weeks pregnant baby 4

I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. It is possible this baby boy could come soon, however if previous births are any indication we still have about a month left. (My babies are always 1-2 weeks late.)

I have been intentionally ignoring thoughts of the upcoming birth. You see, I’ve had 3 natural births (2 homebirths and 1 hospital birth), all fairly good experiences but I’m not really looking forward to labor and delivery. Yes, the miracle of life is beautiful and the baby that will join our family will be awesome but from my past experiences the whole labor part isn’t all that awesome. I’ve never experienced a orgasmic birth or been able to visualize the opening of a beautiful flower or whatever… it’s usually crushing waves of contractions and burning rings of fire. I’ll be honest and admit I’m not really looking forward to it.

Having 3 births under my belt I know that each experience is different and the key is to listen and respond to what your body and the baby is telling you. I know I’m capable of another natural birth but weather or not I want to do it is another story. The female body is amazing and is able to do some pretty awesome things especially when it comes to birth but birth is also a very intense physical event.

At my last OB appointment the midwife said they were aware of my previous birth choices and would attempt to be as noninvasive as possible. I politely smiled and said OK but I’m really not as gung-ho about the whole thing as I had been. That’s not to say I won’t attempt a natural birth but who knows.

So the answer the questions, “Will we have another natural birth?”
I don’t know.
That’s the best answer I can give. My brain says no thanks but my body has a way of doing whatever it wants. I have quick labor and deliveries so it might be counterproductive to take anything during labor.

For now I’m trying to focus on getting through the holiday season and start preparing for this baby. We haven’t really done too much since our boys have always taken their time, but you never know this guy could be anxious to meet his brothers and throw us all for a loop. Guess I should unpack some baby clothes.

The Only Thing I Want After the Baby Is Born.

  fullsimon baby simon

There is a lot of stuff that comes along with a new baby. However, 3 babies later I have all of the stuff (and have learned most of the stuff isn’t necessary), there is really only 1 thing I want after baby 4 is born.

I want HELP.

I don’t often ask for help. I guess I think it’s a sign of weakness or something. But it’s very difficult for me to ask for help even when I truly need it. I’m working on this. Having more children, more responsibilities and more stress has helped me realize that I cannot do life alone. I need to accept a helping hand every now and then.

I recently read an article about America’s Poor Postpartum Practices and it was very eye opening. In our society new mother’s are expected to bounce back from labor within just a few days but in no way is this a realistic expectation. In addition to the physical healing that takes at least 6 weeks there are also hormonal and emotional adjustments happening. Throw in additional children, work, and household responsibilities and it’s completely overwhelming what new mom’s are expected to accomplish after giving birth.

Our society is so self-reliant that we’re a crushing ourselves. So I’m going to let the first thing that comes from my lips be YES, whenever someone asks if I need help.

I need helping taking care of household duties like laundry, dishes, cleaning, cooking, etc. I need help taking care of 3 other boys… homeschool, preschool drop-off, preschool pick-up, lunches, nap times, potty training, entertaining them. I need help taking care of me… time to take a shower, time to rest.

My only anxiety about this pregnancy/baby is the amount of responsibility that is put on me, it’s overwhelming. I wish we had the money to hire a mother’s helper or nanny but that isn’t in our budget. The only thing I’m asking and praying for is that family and friends to care for our family after baby 4 is born. As of right now Joe is planning on taking off a good bit of time after the baby is born but he will also need some assistance because caring for 3 small children is a 2 person job.

In the past we’ve had our wonderful family and friends gather around to support us but during those times I felt guilty. I felt guilty that other people were taking time away from their lives to care for me, but this time I will accept the support sent our way without any hesitation or guilt. I know I love being able to support and help my family and friends and I would never want anyone to feel bad about asking me for help.

I love my community.

40 Weeks – Movie Review #40WeeksMovie

As of today I’m 31 weeks pregnant with baby 4. Even though this is my 4th pregnancy nothing about a pregnancy is boring. Each time I’ve been pregnant I am amazed at this creation of new life that is forming within my body and how the female body is designed to transform during this journey.

40 Weeks Movie

The other evening Joe and I watched a documentary, 40 Weeks, which captures the beautiful journey and life changing experience of conceiving, carrying and birthing a baby. The 40 Weeks Movie is produced by Big Belli LLC, the husband and wife team of Christopher Henze and Dominique Debroux which is designed to empower, educate and create a sense of community for expectant moms.

40 Weeks is made for both moms and dads — presenting a beautiful palette of families’ experiences on their journey into parenthood. In the film, universal milestones of pregnancy are presented hand in hand with the personal experiences of the film’s generous and amazing expectant couples. Their diverse backgrounds will resonate with audiences, reassuring any mom-to-be that she is not alone.

This is a great film to watch if you are expecting because it gives a personal look at what pregnancy is like for so many different women. I really appreciated that they covered some of the challenges women face during pregnancy without evoking fear. They also covered a variety of different types of pregnancy and births, showing that each pregnancy is unique and requires decisions made based on specific circumstances. But overall, it captures the awe and beauty of what makes our human existence possible, pregnancy and birth.

To ensure that all health care information in the movie is accurate and current, 40 Weeks’ key partners include the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses, the world’s largest nursing authority dedicated to the health of women and babies,, the nation’s leading independent health information source for women, and the March of Dimes, the most respected non-profit organization dedicated to helping moms have full-term pregnancies and healthy babies.

Screenings Near You

Big Belli is partnering with Gathr to bring screenings to theaters across the country. Gathr’s Theatrical On Demand® is a new and exciting online crowd-sourcing approach that is rapidly changing film distribution.

Hold a 40 Weeks screening in your area or be notified if one is coming near you.

Gathr screenings can only happen if a minimum number of people reserve tickets before a screening request expires. On every screening page you’ll find an update that shows you the number of current reservations, the number of additional reservations needed to tip the screening, as well as how much time remains before that screening request expires. When enough people reserve tickets to a screening before time expires, the screening takes place. If the minimum number of reservations is not met, the screening does not take place and nobody is charged.

#40WeeksMovie Twitter Chat

What: 40 Weeks, a documentary from Big Belli, follows the entire journey of the pregnancy experience, celebrating one of the most powerful things women do. This beautiful, touching and informative film combines personal experiences from expectant mothers with accurate and current information from experts. 40 Weeks helps women educate themselves and feel empowered, supported and connected to each other.

Join this Twitter chat to share your own pregnancy experiences with other moms as we learn more about Big Belli’s movie 40 Weeks, including where to find a screening and how to host your own screenings around the country!

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This post is brought to you by the 40 Weeks movie and The Motherhood. All opinions are my own.

30 Weeks – Pregnancy Update

30 weeks baby

It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever and yet at the same time this pregnancy has flown by. 10 – 12 more weeks until we meet baby 4. At my last OB appointment he was measuring 31 weeks which really isn’t a surprise since I tend to have big babies. However, I’d prefer to NOT break any records with this birth, so let’s pray for anything under 11lbs.

I’ve just entered the heart burn/indigestion phase of pregnancy and it sucks just as much as I remembered. I’m also still dealing with hip pain. I’m still trying out figure out how to prevent it as it seems too much or too little walking causes me pain. I guess I need to find a healthy balance, which is somewhat unlikely with 3 little boys running around.

I can’t complain too much though, it’s been a pretty uneventful pregnancy thus far, just the way everyone likes it. My only real concern is winter weather come January. It would totally suck to be trapped in a snow storm while in labor. And if this winter is anything like what they are predicting we could be tempting fate. It’s not that I couldn’t birth the baby on my own I’m primarily concerned with my propensity for heavy bleeding after delivery. TMI

I think we have a name picked out for this guy. I’m not ready to share it just yet as we could still change our minds but I’m about 90% sure. Other than possibly having a name selected we haven’t done any other planning for this baby yet. I mean if he comes early we own everything we need and could get stuff together, plus newborns really don’t require too much stuff for the first few weeks.