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Maternity Fashion: Summer Vacation

Summer is in full swing and we are all looking forward to vacation. If you aren’t too far into the pregnancy you probably have a fun family vacation planned. For me vacation has to be easy-going and fun. This can mean a week at the beach or a trip to an amusement park but I like to relax in casual style.

Maternity Summer Vacation
This is my ideal vacation apparel. Sunglasses to protect my eyes from the bright summer rays, comfortable shorts and t-shirts, a cute canvas tote with a robot print which is accented by the fun robot necklace, comfortable Chuck Taylor’s for walking around, a water bottle to keep me and baby hydrated and of course my iPhone to keep me connected and so I can take pictures of our fun adventures.
What is your ideal vacation style?
I received no product or compensation in exchange for this post, I just like looking at cute maternity clothes.

Maternity Fashion – Workout

Athletic Maternity

Keeping fit during pregnancy is just as important, if not more so, as any other time. When I workout during pregnancy I like to remind myself that I am training for a marathon, a birthing marathon. As long as the doctor gives you the OK I think all pregnant women should exercise regularly.

I’ve found that having maternity specific workout clothes make a huge difference. Just become a fabric is stretchy doesn’t mean it will fit properly and most importantly offer the best support. And as a bonus there are several companies that offer super cute workout clothes for pregnant women.

Here are a few great products designed specifically for pregnant women to wear when they workout:

The Elite Tank from Impact Fitness Wear is cute and very practical. There is no inner bra so you can choose your own bra that offers the level of support you need. This is particularly nice when pregnancy increases your bust size and sensitivity. Price: $48.00

The Ocean Lily 3 in 1 Maternity Capri from Maternity Active Wear is my all time favorite maternity workout pant. I have these pants and wear them often, I like that you can pull them up over your belly or fold it down. Price $74.00

The Ivy Tank from Via Prive Mamma is specially designed to not ride up on the bottom. I haven’t tried out this top but I do have the problem so I’d be willing to give it a try. Price: $60

For those of you that like to run or do other high impact exercise the Tech Distance Capri from Fit2BMom is great. The body contouring fit allows for a full range of motion and the drawcord waist lets you adjust to your comfort level around your baby belly. Price: $69.00

For a more affordable option the Maternity Active GoDry Tees from Old Navy are great for everyday workouts. They are made with a soft, stretchy GoDry jersey that wicks away moisture for peak performance. Price: $29.94

For all of the runners out there check out the Black Maternity Fitness Skirt from Running Skirts. The skirt is made with a built in compression shorts underneath and offer a belly panel that can be worn over or under the belly. Price: $68.00

Most importantly I’d suggest investing in a good sports bra like the Enell Sport/Nursing Bra from Fit Maternity. This isn’t a pretty bra but it offers great support, especially for larger breasts and the front closure makes it easier to nurse baby. Price: $60.00

Don’t forget about a good pair of shoes and accessories like headbands or belly supports.

Overall, find a comfortable fit that offers you the support needed and make sure you consult with your doctor before exercising.

I received no product or compensation in exchange for this post, I just like looking at maternity clothes and wanted to share with you.

Maternity Fashion – Spring Wedding

June is here and there are always weddings to be attended in June. This year, we don’t have any weddings to attend but if we did I would most certainly be in the market for some lovely maternity wedding apparel.
Maternity Fashion - Spring Wedding
I absolutely love this outfit. I love the orange with a pop or turquoise and gold accents. I don’t actually own much gold jewelry but I love the fun but sophisticated look of these pieces.

Here are a few other great dresses that could be worn to a spring wedding:
First this simple Liz Lange for Target Maternity Tie-back special occasion black dress from Target is great for any special occasion, but especially an evening wedding. It has a great shape and a few embellishments that make it stand out from the crowd. Price: $39.99
I absolutely love this Viva S/S Woven Dress from mamalicious, unfortunately they don’t sell in the US. But if you live in Europe you are in luck! 

The Fruitful dress from Shabby Apple is cute and a fun bright yellow color. I’m not usually one to wear yellow but I think this shade is complimentary and I love the pintuck detail in the bodice. Price: $85
The Bianca Maxi Maternity Dress from Mya Maternity is a great maxi dress option that is both great for everyday wear or for special occasions. Price: $145 (currently on sale!)
For a more casual, outdoor wedding this Maternity Floral Chiffon Dress from Old Navy is cute. It’s also very affordable! Price: $32.99
I received no product of compensation for this post, I just like window shopping for maternity clothes.

Maternity Fashion – Sleepwear

I used to think that maternity pajamas were a waste of money, but then I tried a maternity/nursing nightgown and saw what I was missing, comfort. Sleep is difficult when you are pregnant and post-partum so I suggest investing in a few comfortable sets of pajamas. I personally prefer a nightgown, specifically one with nursing access (I love a product that serves two purposes – pun intended!)

So here are a few of my favorite maternity/nursing sleepwear suggestions:
The Nursing Nightie from Amoralia. This nightgown is almost cute enough to wear as a dress. It has longer sleeves, which can sometimes be hard to come by and a flattering empire waist. It is available in slate and rose both have small polka dots. Retails for $74
This Before and After Ruffle Dress from Belabumbum is also cute enough to wear out. Actually, I might totally wear this out, it says in the description that is how it was designed! Awesome, a night out with friends and then just fall into bed, no changing! Retails for $77
For a more affordable nightgown check out the Bump in The Night Maternity Nightgown from Motherhood. At $24.95 you can’t resist it’s charm. I like the sweet little ties at the top of the shoulders and the thin stripe print. 
Also affordable is the Eve Alexander Short Sleeve Nursing Gown from Target. It looks great for night time nursing, super easy to function and comfortable for sleep. Retails for $39.99
If you’re not into nightgowns and prefer a pajama set with pants and top check out the Delia Nursing Cami and Pant from Belabumbum. I love the coral and taupe floral print of the pant and the simple design of the matching top. Retails for $75
I know I have a hard time spending money on clothes that very few people will see but that’s no excuse to be uncomfortable all night long. You’re a hard working mama and you deserve a comfortable, if not cute even, night’s rest!
What is your preferred sleepwear? 
Do you like any of the sleepwear I picked out? 

Maternity What to Wear – Memorial Day

Memorial Day is tomorrow. 
We will be having a cookout with all of our family and friends.
Here in NC it’s supposed to be pretty warm, with a slight chance of afternoon storms. So my outfit needs to be comfortable, casual and most importantly keep me stay cool.
Memorial Day Maternity Fashion

I’m a sucker for stripes and I thought since it’s Memorial Day it would be fun to pay tribute to the United States flag. I didn’t want to go full out red, white and blue; stars and stripes, so I chose a red, white and black color palette with stripes and a little shimmer of stars on the necklace. I love this outfit, it has cookout written all over it.

Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the items listed above but I will be wearing a fun outfit tomorrow. I’ll post pictures to let you know what I DID end up wearing.

In the mean time, I hope you have a Happy Memorial Day!

Maternity Fashion – The Basics

There are a few essential items that I think any pregnant woman should have in their wardrobe.
Maternity Cami – A maternity cami is a must. One of the key reasons I say invest in a nice long maternity cami is because near the end of your pregnancy all those cute little tops will suddenly start to shrink and you’ll be showing the world your underbelly. Plus so many shirts today are made from thin material, let’s keep somethings left to the imagination. I like this Maternity Cami from Shade.
Maternity Jeans – I really love a nice pair of boot cut jeans like these Maternity Boot Cut Jeans from Shade. You may prefer a straight leg or legging jean but invest in a comfortable pair of jeans that are versatile, because you will wear them a lot!
Basic T-Shirt – I’m totally a t-shirt a jeans sort of gal so some nice fitting tees are a must. I love the Maternity Pleated Neck Tee from Shade. They offer several different colors and the simple pleat along the neckline dresses it up a little more than a plain old t-shirt but still gives you a comfortable fit.
Comfortable Dress – You’ll get to a point in pregnancy where even your most comfortable pants aren’t comfortable. You’d prefer to wear no pants at all, this is where dresses come in handy. I’m loving this Maternity Empire Half Sleeve Dress from Shade. This is great for when fall rolls around and I’m super pregnant!
Nursing/Maternity Bra – I think it’s a great investment to go ahead and invest in a few good Nursing Bras. I prefer a bra with no underwire because underwire can lead to plugged ducts while breastfeeding. I love this Nougatine Nursing Bra from Amoralia because it’s super cute as well as functional.
Comfortable Flat Shoes – Near the end of pregnancy your feet will start to swell and a comfortable flat shoe will be a must. I am usually in flip flops all summer long but since it will be fall come the end of my pregnancy I really love these, Chambray Katia Ballet Flats from TOMS Shoes.

I’m sure there are other must-have maternity items but these are the basics. Any mom-to-be could use pieces like these. I say invest in a few solid pieces that will last you throughout the pregnancy and then pick up some inexpensive “fun” pieces to jazz it up. Hopefully if you invest wisely the pieces you buy today will still be in style if you get pregnant again in the future.

I receive NO product or compensation in exchange for this post. Just sharing some cute clothes for pregnant ladies like myself.

Maternity Fashion – Shorts for Real Women

This weekend I went shopping with my mom for some new maternity shorts and I was shocked at how many SUPER SHORT shorts there were. I don’t think I’m overly conservative in my dress but I don’t want shorts that are so short my butt cheeks are hanging out. So here is a collection of acceptable length shorts designed for real women, not models.
In my opinion I think anything shorter than a 4″ inseam is too short for anyone.

A few of my Favorite Maternity Shorts
Maternity Chino Bermuda Short from Shade clothing. I like that these are Bermuda shorts but aren’t super long. I also love the rolled cuff look. They are simple but have enough embellishment to up the cute factor. $39 is about the top of my acceptable shorts price.
These Secret Fit Belly Cuffed Maternity Bermuda Shorts from Motherhood are also a good length and I like the denim look. For a limited time they are $19.99 but regularly they are $34.98.
If you want something a little short than Bermuda Shorts check out these Maternity Stretch Cotton Walking Short from Loft. At $49.50 they are a bit more than I usually spend but look super comfortable and versatile.
I love these Cotton Poplin Shorts from Seraphine. They are a nice mid-length and perfect for a warm summer day outside. At $47 they are a little pricy but could be a good investment since they are so versatile. 
For a splurge these Maternal America Crosshatch shorts from BellaBlu are a super cute. They are lightweight and have a band that can be cover the whole tummy or be folded over.  At $79 they are definitely not in my budget but given a little extra cash they may have to find their way into my cart!
Also, slightly above my budget are these Olian Twill Maternity Shorts from Appleseed Boutique. I love the buttons and even though the length is a little shorter it’s still acceptable. They cost $68

How much are you willing to spend on maternity shorts?
What do you think is an acceptable length for shorts?
Which pair above are your favorite?
I received no products or compensation in exchange for this post I just like window shopping online!

Maternity Fashion – Summer Dresses

I love a good dress. It’s funny really because there was a phase in my life when I wouldn’t be caught dead in a dress. Honestly, I think there just weren’t any dresses available that fit my style at the time. But today there are so many choices and great styles. I plan on wearing many maternity dresses this summer. I just need to buy them first.

Here are few of my favorite styles….
First is this color-block maternity maxi dress from Old Navy. I actually own this dress and wear it all the time! It’s so comfortable. Only cost me $25!
I really LOVE this Maternal America Maternity White & Red Seersucker Ruffle Pockets Dress at Pickles and Ice Cream. I mean it has pockets! Seriously, how can you not love pockets on a dress? It’s $124 which is a little out of my price range but might be worth the splurge.
This Ikat wrap dress from Gap is also cute. I love the coral color pattern and wrap style. For $59 it’s not a bad deal. 
The Merona Maternity Short-Sleeve Kimono Maxi Dress from Target is a great basic black dress that’s versatile and great for every day wear. And at $32.99 not a bad deal either.
For a really good deal check out the Planet Motherhood Maternity Knit Maxi Dress With Tie At Waist from Walmart, only $16!
I love stripes and this d&a stripe cross front dress from Japanese Weekend is no exception. LOVE! It’s a little pricier at $80.

I would wear all of these dresses and really wish they would all magically appear in my closet. However, my budget doesn’t allow for me to buy everything I like. 

If you could pick one dress which one is your favorite? 

I received no compensation or products in exchange for this post I just like to dream about my imaginary wardrobe.