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Abel’s Breastfeeding Challenges


Everything seemed OK for the first few days. Abel had what felt like a decent latch and was fairly content with breastfeeding. Then my milk came in and everything fell apart. He could no longer stay latched on because extremely fussy. After a rough, sleepless night we decided there was a problem. I pulled out my trusty breast pump and went to work. After our experience with Noah’s tongue tie I knew the only way we could overcome any breastfeeding issues was with a happy baby and a hungry baby is NOT a happy baby.

At first I thought my over productive milk was the issue but now I’m thinking Abel might have a mild tongue tie issue. Tomorrow we will go to the pediatrician to see if we can determine the cause of Abel’s struggle with breastfeeding. Babies don’t breastfeeding because they don’t want to it’s because they can’t. And usually their tongue or latch is the cause. Tongue is genetic and apparently Joe had it as a baby and I think Jude had a very mild case and obviously Noah did so it’s not surprising that Abel would have the same problem.

I’m hoping the pediatrician will be able to easily fix it by clipping his frenulum. Noah’s tongue-tie required we go see a special ENT to have his frenulum clipped (a second time). But ultimately Noah was able to breastfeed successfully for a year. I’m hoping it will be a quick and easy fix for Abel. He’s so close to getting it I can tell he’s growing frustrated with his lack of ability to maintain a latch. In the meantime I’ll continue to pump and bottle feed him. It’s terribly inconvenient but keeping my baby happy and healthy is top priority.

Jude feeding Abel

Goodbye Breastfeeding

I have been fortunate enough to breastfeed all 3 of my boys for at least 12months. I did child-led weaning for all of them and at 15 months old Simon is done with breastfeeding. I’m sad that our breastfeeding relationship is over, especially since he is probably the last baby, however, I’m slightly excited about the freedom that comes with no longer breastfeeding. Not just the freedom is gives me but more importantly what this big transition means for Simon’s independence.

He’s growing so quickly. For instance now he’s a climber…

Simon climb As I watch my boys reach new milestones I’m riddled with conflicting emotions. I love see the joy on their faces as they finally accomplish new tasks but it also means they are getting older and my sweet little babies are becoming big, independent boys.

fullsimon At 15 months old Simon has decided he’s ready to join the big boys, even though I don’t totally agree that my baby is a big boy yet.

I’ve had my fair share of breastfeeding struggles but Simon was the easiest baby to nurse. I was elated when he immediately latched on after birth. Breastfeeding has been such a calming and beautiful journey and I’m sad to see this time come to and end.

I love you sweet little Simon boy.


Sharing Mama Is Hard

Noah is a very sweet and loving boy but he is also very jealous of baby Simon. He LOVES his baby and anytime Simon starts crying Noah will run to his side, often trying to pick him up to comfort him. He is a good big brother. But the moment I pick up baby Simon, Noah’s jealous side appears.


“Me! Me! Me!” he cries while reaching his arms up toward me.

I find it especially difficult to nurse Simon when Noah is around. Noah tries to climb up in my lap while I’m nursing Simon or he sticks his head in between me and Simon saying, “Milkies!” Now Noah weaned from breastfeeding when I was pregnant with Simon (when he was about 12 months old) and he doesn’t actually have any interest in nursing he is just jealous of the attention.


While it can me extremely frustrating and sometimes even painful to have a toddler hurling himself at me while I’m taking care of Simon I try to be very sensitive to Noah’s needs. I love my sweet Noah and even though he is no longer the baby I love that he still needs me so much. I don’t want to deny him the physical and emotional connection he desires.

So whenever I get the opportunity to sit and cuddle with just him, I cherish it.

And I especially love the moments when he will share my lap with baby Simon. Noah will lean over to hug and kiss Simon as we rock together in the big blue chair.


And every once in awhile Jude asks to join his two little brothers and sit on my lap and if only for a few moments I’m crushed by love.

Fashionable Fall Nursing Tops

You don’t NEED nursing tops but they are very helpful, especially when you want to feel discretely in public.

For years there weren’t many fashionable options for nursing mothers. There were only a few designs and they were all very obviously designed for breastfeeding. However, in recent years clothing designers and fashionable moms have worked wonders creating nursing tops that don’t look like nursing tops.

Here are a few of my favorite styles of nursing tops for Fall.

Shade Clothing Maternity Double V-Neck Nursing Top Shade Clothing Maternity Double V-Neck Nursing Top
The Double V-Neck Nursing Top has a crossover styling at the bodice which is designed with invisible slits for easy and discreet nursing. The empire seam, shirring and long sleeves offer subtle details to create a stylish slimming fit.
Price: $29.63

Gap Double Layer nursing Tee Gap Double-Layer Nursing T
The Double-Layer Nursing T is a 3/4 sleeve knit jersey tee with attached interior tank for easy and discreet nursing.
Price: $34.95

Milk Nursingwear Gathered-loop nursing top Milk Nursingwear Gathered-loop Nursing Top
The Gathered-loop Nursing Top has fabric that flows down from the center gathering, skimming your stomach area. You can nurse easily and discreetly by moving aside the front fabric for breastfeeding access.
Price: $44.00

Momzelle Drape Neck Top

Momzelle Drape Neck Top
The Drape Neck Top is a 3/4 length top made of modale and spandex. The double layer across the top allows you to nurse easily through the large drape neck.
Price: $50.00

Tiger Hoodie Nursing Top

Annee Matthew Tiger Hoodie from One Hot Mama
This dual-colored hoodie has fun shell pockets. To nurse you simply lift the front panel from nursing openings in the inner piece. Double in front only. Can be worn both during & after pregnancy for easy breastfeeding
Price: $73.00

So many cute options for nursing tops, I love that many of these transition from maternity to nursing so you really get your money’s worth.

Do you own or plan on owning nursing specific tops?


End of our Breastfeeding Journey

breastfeeding baby

I’ve always planned to breastfeed my children until they were at least a year old.

Jude breastfed until about 16 months.
Noah pretty much gave up breastfeeding at exactly one year.

I was a little sad to see our breastfeeding relationship come to an end, especially after all we’ve been through, but I know is it all in good timing. When Noah turned one I also hit 20 weeks pregnant with baby 3. I noticed my milk supply starting to drop so I tried taking some herbs to increase my supply but Noah got too frustrated and didn’t want to nurse long enough to stimulate more milk.

So we stopped breastfeeding.

Honestly, I didn’t try too hard to increase my supply since he was turning one and most of his nutrition came from solid food.

We decided to switch him over to cow’s milk. I wasn’t sure he’d like cow’s milk since it took Jude a long time to like it but he took to it right away. (I was a relieved because the whole low milk supply thing was starting to stress me out.) So now Noah drinks a little milk before going to sleep (naps and bedtime) and the rest of the day he eats and drinks whatever we eat or drink. He seems happy with the new situation and only a few times has he tried to get in my shirt.

When I became pregnant with baby 3 I was prepared to tandem nurse if necessary but I’m actually a little glad to have a short break from breastfeeding. While I love the bond it brings between me and my kids, it’s also nice to not be on-call 24/7 for boob time.

How long did you breastfeed?
Did you wean or did your baby self-wean?

I Lost My SuperMom Cape…. Or Did I?

Lately I’ve been feeling like SuperMom.
Source: via Leann on Pinterest
Not because I’m extraordinarily awesome or the perfect mom but because I’ve been “getting things done!”
Waking Up Early
Meal Planning
Art Projects
Potty Training
Teaching Reading
Home Learning
Working From Home
Building My Tiny Tower *hehe
I’m just OWNing the day.
But you know what… I’m EXHAUSTED!
Since Joe has been working 6 days a week that means I’m putting on my SuperMOM cape 6 days a week. And it’s hard work OWNING each and every day.
On Friday I just wanted to throw in the towel, tag out, and give-up. Not because things were going poorly but because I was tired. I’m NOT SuperMom. I’m just a 30-something gal trying to do EVERYTHING.
So I hung up my SuperMom Cape on Friday. I just spent the day cuddling with my boys, watching TV, eating too much, sitting outside and soaking in life with 2 boys. And you know what. It was AWESOME! I totally OWNED relaxing. And I think taking off my SuperMom Cape and taking a timeout to enjoy life was just what I needed. It helped me realize that having clean floors, a perfect body or gourmet meals every night means absolutely nothing to my kids. They just want to spend time with me, regular mom and that’s pretty super.*
*sorry about that cheesy ending, I just couldn’t resist.

Hands Free Pumping with Simple Wishes

Although I’m not pumping exclusive anymore I still use my breast pump now and then. I love my double pump and I’m so glad I finally have one, it has made pumping so much easier. However, one of the challenges of using a double pump is that you have to use both hands to hold the pumps in place.
Simple Wishes has remedied that problem with their hands free pumping bra. I love this idea. It’s so simple but so useful. One of the great features of the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra is that you zip it closed as opposed to similar styles that use a hook closure. When you are a busy mom, like most moms, time is of the essence and every extra second counts.
Another great feature of the Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra is that it can be worn all day. There are attachable straps that help it to fit comfortably under any clothing. It can be worn in a worn in bustier, halter, tank or racerback style.
The openings for the breast shields allow you to adjust the spacing by 2 inches which helps you achieve an optimal fit for good suction. I really like the versatility of this bra. Like most women my breast size tends to fluctuate throughout my breastfeeding and the Simple Wishes bra is designed to change as you change.
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I received the featured product in exchange for my honest opinion. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.

The baby is threatening to strike

Noah is laying down the law and threatening to go on a nursing strike.
He gets so mad at my boobs.
See I produce A LOT of milk AND have a forceful letdown which causes Noah to pull off and sometimes even just stop nursing. This then results in baby with gas that is still hungry. He’s learning that the boob is the cause of his troubles but doesn’t realize it’s also the solution.
Luckily, he’s still a great sleeper… once I satisfy his hunger.
So far the trick is to get him sucking on the paci while positioned at the breast and then slip in the nip real quick. However, if he’s too far gone into freak out mode Joe has pulls out the special flying baby belly hold that always calms a tiny upset stomach.
I really enjoy breastfeeding my son so I hope this is a short lived phase.