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Abel goes to the ER

Last Wednesday Abel decided to give Joe and I a bit of a scare. While Joe was upstairs working and I was in the bathroom he got under the kitchen sink (which was child proofed) and drank some Mr. Clean (which is one of the only non-natural cleaners we owned and was in the very back of the cabinet). Thankfully Jude was there to take it away from him pretty quickly but it was evident that he did in fact drink the cleaner.

So after reading the bottle and giving him some water (what the label suggested) we call the pediatrician. They suggested we take him to the ER, which we did. He threw up a little and then seemed mostly fine after that but not without giving us a scare.

They watched him for a few hours in the ER and then the doctors gave him the all clear to go home.

Photo Oct 11, 8 19 30 PM

Photo Oct 11, 7 19 25 PM

Broken Nose

Abel is 18 months old and the most adventurous toddler. He loves to climb and explore. The only time I’ve seen him afraid was at the aquarium when we walked by a robot, yet very life-like, dinosaur. He’s had bloody noses and several bloody lips from his rough and tough explorations.

I guess it was only a matter of time before he broke something. While in childcare at the gym he climbed up the slide and apparently slipped and fell on his face. I didn’t see the interaction as I was in a spin class but from my understanding of what the kids told me he hit is face on the top of the slide (tunnel slide). When the childcare staff came to get me from my class he said there had been an accident. My heart skipped a beat as I made my way to the room to check on my baby. When I got there he was being comforted by the other worker and the only visible injury were a few small scratches on his nose. He cried a lot and wasn’t easily comforted but I thought he was just tired since we skipped his morning nap. However after a few minutes, and leaving the gym, I began to suspect he may have hurt it worse than I first thought. It started to swell and turn blue. He wouldn’t let me hold ice on it so I just gave him some Tylenol when we got home and tried to lay him down for a nap. He didn’t nap all day, he was fussy and not much would comfort him. So after consulting with Joe (who called our pediatrician) we decided to take him to the doctor for evaluation.

Photo May 31, 2 04 17 PM Photo May 31, 2 03 46 PM

Joe took him to the doctor where they confirmed his broken nose. He apparently broke the cartilage right across the middle so it should heal fairly easily. The only thing we can do for him is continue to give him Tylenol and possibly a baby decongestant to help reduce swell and ease the pain.

He seems to be acting fairly normal despite the horrible black and blue eyes/nose.

I’m hanging up my nursing bras… forever.

Photo May 14, 4 50 40 PM

It’s been about 48 hours since Abel last nursed. I think this might be the end of our breastfeeding journey. Like most milestones it’s bittersweet, I love the bonding time but I’m also happy to not be needed so frequently. At 17 months old he just decided he wasn’t interested.

We were only nursing before naps and bed and occasionally in the morning after he woke up. But yesterday he just decided he was done. He gets really angry if I try to nurse him and he bites me so I’m not really pushing it too hard. All of my boys stopped around 16 months or earlier so I shouldn’t be surprised. I think my body isn’t making much milk anymore and it’s just frustrating for him at this point.

I’m sad that it just ended out of the blue. I didn’t get to savor the last time although I’ve known it was coming for a couple months now.

I know not everyone has the ability to breastfeed or chooses not to breastfeed but I’m so glad I was able to breastfeed all of my boys. It wasn’t always easy and there were many times I wanted to quit but I had great support and I’m so thankful I was able to make it so far with all of my boys. There are so many special moments that only a mom and her baby share and breastfeeding is probably my favorite. I’ll miss the late night snuggles in the dark, listening to his slow and steady breathing. I’ll miss the moments we would sneak away from the chaos to find a quiet place to rest and eat. I’ll miss the sweaty ear print that’s left on my arm after a long nursing session. I’ll miss the sweet little hands pulling on my shirt, grabbing at my lips and playing with my hair. But most of all I’ll miss the “baby”. My baby is not a baby anymore.

Photo May 09, 6 15 51 PM

Photo May 08, 5 59 35 PM

Abel – 7 months old

Yesterday Abel turned 7 months old.

Photo Aug 27, 2 56 26 PM

Abel is by far the happiest baby we’ve had. He is almost always laughing and smiling, especially when his Dada is around. He is a Daddy’s boy for sure. He adores Joe and completely lights up whenever he’s in the room.

Abel is also on the verge of crawling. He scoots around using a combat crawl to get wherever he wants to go. He also gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth, a few times he’s attempted to move his hands or knees but he usually just resorts to the combat crawl. He is also on the verge of sitting up on his own. If I put him in a sitting position he can hold it until he wants to move then he just hurls himself over and starts to crawl away. When he’s up on his knees he can pull a leg through to an almost sitting position all by himself. I bet he’ll be crawling and sitting within the month.

Photo Aug 27, 11 37 35 AM

We also finally set up a real crib for him. He’s been sleeping in our room in either the bassinet or primarily in our bed. He was have trouble staying asleep in the bassinet so we decided to set up the crib in our room. It took him a day or so to adjust to the crib but he’s been sleeping much better. He will usually come back in the bed with us sometime early in the morning hours when he wakes to eat (4-5am). He easily falls back asleep and we put him back in his bed when we get up for the day. Often he will sleep until 10am.

He’s still taking 3 naps a day. Late morning, afternoon and evening. He’s our night owl and will often nap until around 8pm then won’t go to bed until 10pm. We’re working on adjust his evening nap so it will become bedtime but so far he’s happy so we’ll make it work.

Abel is still exclusively breastfed although he is starting to show interest in solid food. I’m not in a rush to introduce solids because he is a very health weight and seems content with the milk. Plus, solid food means more mess, more meal planning, and yuckier diapers. I’m honestly just putting it off as long as I can. No reason to make more work for myself when he’s fine with our current situation.

All around Abel is awesome. He’s not the most laid back baby I’ve had (I think Simon takes that award) but he’s still pretty chill and always good for a smile.

Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center

Little Tikes  Discover & Learn Activity Center

Abel is ready to play with is big brothers. But he has a little trouble keeping up with the big kids since he can’t even sit up on his own yet. But thanks to his new Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center he’s up an playing right next to the big boys.

Ever since Abel was a few days old he’s preferred being upright and facing the world. The Little Tikes  Discover & Learn Activity Center allows him to be in the middle of the action without potentially being crushed by his active older brothers. Plus, he really loves all the built-in toys and activities.

The Discover & Learn Activity Center is designed to grow with your infant and provide fun and interactive play every step of the way! There are over 12 different entertaining activities, including a battery operated train that “chugs” along the tracks, encouraging baby to follow and play. The activity center provides your baby with plenty of exercise to strengthen legs, back and neck muscles, as well as hours of visual and interactive entertainment. The train and tracks can even be removed so the play continues when your child gets older!

Not only does Abel love his new activity center but so do his brothers. They spend more time playing with him and the toys on his activity center and everyone loves it. He giggles as they make the train go around the track.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.52.16 PM

Since he’s starting to gain more hand-eye coordination he loves to grab and chew on the soft cow and pig that ride in the train.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 2.52.27 PM

There are so many great features and bright colors this is the perfect activity center to keep baby entertained. In addition to all the great toys that are included there are also a few places along the top where you can hook on additional toys. Able has a little stuffed dog that has a ring hook that I use to attach it to the activity center so he can play with it. I’m sure as he gets older and more active he will begin to explore more of the little toys but right now he really loves watching the train and looking at all the bright colors.

The Little Tikes Discover & Learn Activity Center is available for $89.99

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Abel James – 3 months

I’ve been sick… again with strep throat so I haven’t been keeping up with dates and such so Abel turned 3 months a few days ago and I totally missed it.

Well the big news is that Abel can now roll over. He’s not a big fan of being on his tummy and doesn’t really know what to do when he gets there but he can roll over. He usually rolls right since at night I sleep to his right and that is where he knows he will most likely find milk. Clever boy.

abel rolls

His brothers are still his biggest fans.

Jude Abel

He belly laughs and it’s amazing.

He’ sleeps and eats and poops and that pretty much sums up life for Abel right now.

abel 3 months

Abel James – 2 Months Old

Chubby Abel 2months

He still seems like a brand new baby but when I count the weeks and compare his newborn clothes to his hefty 3-6 month clothes, I realize how much time has really passed.

Abel is a healthy and happy little boy and our family so blessed to have him.

At his most recent check-up he weighed in at 14lbs. I don’t remember what is length was but he was in the 95th percentile. So, needless to say he’s eating and growing well.

Just within the past few weeks he’s started to coo, and smile and laugh. It’s pretty much the best thing ever.

Of course, he loves to be held but he wants to be upright and facing outward. (he wants in on all the commotion his brothers are causing) He’s sleeping pretty normal for a baby. We are a co-sleeping/bed-sharing family so I don’t really keep track of how often he wakes or eats unless it’s abnormal… and so far he’s been pretty normal. I’m guessing most nights he sleeps about 5 hours straight at max. And usually he falls back asleep fairly quickly after he eats again.

He really loves his big brother Noah, mostly because Noah really loves him and gives him loads of attention. He’s also started to grab my hair, which is a reminder as to why I always get my hair cut after a baby.

The boys call him Baby Abel James. I call him monkey or Babe-el.

6 weeks

abel 6 weeks

Abel is 6 weeks old (and a few days).

Today he had his 2 month check up, even though he’s not actually 2 months old yet. He is a very happy and healthy boy.

Length: 23 inches

Weight: 12lbs 11oz

Just this week he’s started to smile and coo at me and I’m completely in love. He sleeps great just not the hours I would prefer. He’s a bit of a night owl like his dada. He likes to stay up till 1am but will then sleep 5 consecutive hours so I have a hard time complaining about his sleep habits.

We are slowly starting to get into a groove with life with 4 kids.