No one has time to be sick

Somehow we’ve managed to dodge any major illness in our home this fall/winter season. Just a few runny noses but I know it’s coming. The coughing, the congestion, the sneezing, the dreaded winter cold. I’m prepare this season with Children’s cold medicine on hand.

When my boys get sick I don’t want to drag them to the store to buy cold medicine, I want to walk to the medicine cabinet and get them exactly what they need so they will be feeling better as soon as possible.

Just last week my 2 youngest had low fevers and didn’t feel well so I’m glad I had some Children’s Advil on hand. The grape flavor made it easy for them to take and within 24 hours they were back to the normal wild and crazy little boys I love so much.

Moms know that when one child gets sick the probability of all remaining children catching the same illness is pretty high. So when the first child shows signs of an illness I go into disinfecting mode. I clean everything I can get my hands on and I immediately start to treat their symptoms to help them feel better. You’ve got to be proactive as a mom of many kids or your whole house will be down for the a week or more. Who as time for that?

Pfizer Pediatric products like Children’s Advil, Children’s Dimetapp Cold & Cough’s and Children’s Robitussin DM Day/Night Pack are great products to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet this winter. When sickness happens, you’ll be prepared.

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37 thoughts on “No one has time to be sick


    I find that excercise and sunshine keeps our family fit and strong. We also increase our Vit C dose during the winter months.

  2. Elicia P

    We just went through a lot of Advil for my son. Never thought I would need as much as we needed. My littlest was thinking he could have some too!

  3. Tammy Woodall

    It’s definitely that time of year where it seems like the whole family gets sick at one time. These products will definitely be used by many.

  4. Tammy Woodall

    This time of year is great, the downside is my family usually comes down with colds and the flu. Robitussin is always a go-to for our family.

  5. Tammy Woodall

    This time of year is great, except for the fact my whole family usually gets sick. During those occasions, we rely on Robitussin. It define helps.

  6. Mickie Smith

    I am pregnant and have one daughter. We have all been passing around a cold like illness for a couple weeks now. it seems like we can’t shake it!

  7. Kimberly M

    I have 5 grandsons and at least one of them is here about 3-4 days a week. The one lives with me every other week so it is important to me to have any kind of medicine that might be needed if one comes down with some kind of sickness. I hate when I am not stocked up and one gets sick. These 3 medicines are always on hand. I usually have Robitussin for the cough day/night and Dimetapp for head colds, etc. and definitely Advil for fever reduction and occasionally one might get a headache.

  8. Carolsue

    Our doctor actually recommends Robitussin — different types for different symptoms and ages — so I know it’s good!


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