Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – for the boys

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We don’t buy our boys a lot of toys for Christmas because 4 kids times lots of toys equals my house looks like a Toys-R-Us exploded. I tend to lean more towards gifts of experiences which and one day I’d love to surprise the boys with a trip to Disney World for Christmas. But experiences can be smaller too like a trip to Great Wolf Lodge or a local trampoline park or a gift card to your favorite ice cream spot.

However, even though we tend to favor experience gifts it’s also nice for kids to open actual present they can play with on Christmas morning so here are a few of our favorite things we own or will be getting soon.

We are in the digital age and video games are fun and education but good old board games to fun too. My boys always ask for expensive LEGO sets they only build once when all they really want is the mini-figures. Creative play like science experiment kids, cooking, dress up pretend play and trains are always classic. And let’s not forget our favorite books.

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