Let’s See Where the Day Takes Us

The other day I took the 3 oldest boys to Pullen Park for a last minute afternoon adventure. Because Joe works from home we have ability to sneak away while Abel takes his afternoon nap. It’s actually very ideal because the boys get really loud and rambunctious in the afternoons.

I love a good plan but I also like spontaneity especially when we can just go along with out any major time constrains. I hate living chained to the clock and calendar. Obviously we have responsibilities but every once in awhile a day or even part of a day is wide open and I love heading out and seeing where the day takes us. On this particular day the boys chose to ride the carousel and walk around the pond/lake. I was pretty surprised by their decisions especially since they are very fond of the train and giant playground. But they are curious creatures and I don’t think they’d ever walked around the pond and we’re always up for a good adventure. We were also the only ones to ride the carousel which was pretty exciting.

I love family outings that allow the kids to indulge their curiosity and gives them the freedom to make decisions about how we will spend our time.

Photo Nov 15, 3 03 29 PM

Photo Nov 15, 3 13 02 PM Photo Nov 15, 3 13 41 PM Photo Nov 15, 3 15 24 PM Photo Nov 15, 3 16 52 PM Photo Nov 15, 3 31 37 PM

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