Summer Memories Spent by the Pool


I’m raising my family in the same neighborhood where I grew up, in fact, the same exact house. With all the nostalgia that comes with raising your kids in the same house where you grew nothing draws out the soft summer memories like taking my kids to our community pool.

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I spent many hours at our community pool hanging with friends, swimming on the swim team and serving as a lifeguard. Most of my fondest summer memories were made at that swimming pool, the same pool where my kids now hang out with their friends and swim on the same swim team.

I’ve taught my boys to swim in this pool and cheered them on during swim races. We’ve spent long summer nights eating pizza and ice cream beside the pool. Taking my boys to our community pool is like a refreshing trip back in time reminding me that the simplest times can produce meaningful lifelong impact.

Scotties Tissues wants to know what are some of your favorite past or present soft summer moments?

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100 thoughts on “Summer Memories Spent by the Pool

  1. Ashley Taylor

    A favorite past memory is my Nana taking me and my cousins to the lake every summer and we would swim and swim, cookout for lunch, then swim some more!

  2. Christina Foley

    Past – my favorite summer memory is spending summers with my grandparents, they had a small farm… I learned how to care for animals, muck stalls, garden, make goodies with my grandma, play games with my cousins. I loved summers when I was a kid! Present – making memories for my kids to remember! Exploring cities and towns around our state.

  3. Laurie Nykaza

    Staying at the ocean each summer with my parents then taking my kids when they were growing up too always so much fun.

  4. Christie

    I remember going camping every summer with my grandparents, it was an experience I will always remember and miss.

  5. Sheila Ritter

    My favorite summer memory is the summer of 1998, the last one we had with my dad. My entire family spent a week at the lake together, fishing, boating, grilling and just having an amazing time.

  6. Janet W.

    My favorite memory this past summer was our dolphin cruise in Florida. We got to see lots of dolphins jumping alongside our boat and my grandsons just loved it!

  7. Sarah M.

    My favorite summer memory is the time I spent at my cousin’s house. They had an amazing in-ground pool, a gigantic woods, a trampoline, and a Nintendo and a Sega Genesis! It was kid heaven.

  8. Debbie Welchert

    My favorite summer memory is walking down to the fire station and swinging on their swing and being safe. Back then we didn’t have to worry so much about bad people, like we do now. It was just a safer world back when I was a child.

  9. Julie Wood

    My favorite memory this summer is getting to go on our big camping trip we had last month. It was so much fun!

  10. James Robert

    My kids and I have been camping out at my dad’s property and enjoying all the go-karts and more we cruise around on his 40 acres there.

  11. Kristen Joiner

    Band Camp, no really. Being with my friends, working hard on music and our new drill. It was hard but it was fun and it always made me more excited for school.

  12. kelly tupick

    My favorite summer memory was going out to Colorado this summer. It was the first time my husband has ever been on a plane and first time he has ever been out of New England. It was awesome and fun to experience this with him.

  13. Laurajj

    Oh I have to say my favorite moment has been this summer releasing monarchs we have been raising! We have released 37 up until today…today I released 6…and had 11 emerge their chrysalis today to be released tomorrow. So beautiful watching them grow and then releasing them!

  14. Terra Heck

    One of my favorite summer memories is going on vacation with my aunt and uncle to Branson, Missouri for a week. I was about 14 years old. We watched many shows, went camping, and listened to musical groups. Thanks.

  15. Cheryl Layshock

    My favorite summer memory was going to Puerto Rico last summer. My husband and I took my 18 month old. I was pregnant with my 2nd. It was kind of a farewell to being an only child. We went to the beach, explored the old blue brick streets of San Juan and the Rainforest. Puerto Rico is absolutely stunning! I’d go again in a heart beat.

  16. Chelsea M

    We took our little ones swimming for the first time this summer. It’s always fun and exciting to watch them discover and experience new things.

  17. Kari

    My favorite summer memory was three summers ago when I took a trip to Ireland. Traveling with me was my daughter, my sister, and my mom. This was a once in a lifetime trip for us and it was the summer before my daughter moved off to college.

  18. Stephanie Shipley

    My favorite summer memory is going swimming with my son for the first time. He just loved the pool and we had a blast!

  19. Karla R.

    I love going to the beach so when my youngest daughter got to go with us that was a very special moment and perfect summer.

  20. Starla

    This is so awesome. Last Summer I had the chance to spend it with my precious Nana, she sadly passed away this May so this SUmmer has been hard.

  21. Evans B

    My fave would be surprise visit to my family who lives overseas. They only knew I sent a package for them to pick up in the airport, it was me all along. Happiest summer ever!

  22. Billie R

    Oh man I loved spending time with my Grandma in the summers. We would make pudding together and she always made Jello with my brother. Lots of time at the pool, too!

  23. Coffee & Bubbles

    I once took my son to a playgroup at my old nursery school. It was a bizarre blast from the past! My favourite memories are of playing on the beach at our holiday home and catching crabs off the rocks. #fartglitter

  24. Melissa Vaught

    My favorite summer memories are going on vacation to the beach at Florida for several summers. We took vacation most summers but the Florida beach trips were my favorite and the ones I remember. Now I hope to take my kids next summer!

  25. Allison Swain

    Favorite summer memory is going swimming at the beach then having a campfire

    Thanks for the chance to win


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