Waiting for Baby and Binge Watching

Tomorrow is my due date. Therefore we don’t have a lot planned just in case baby 4 decides to make an appearance. Joe has also been working from home a little more to help care for the boys since my mobility has decreased and my braxton hicks contractions have increased. During afternoon naps I try to lay down for a rest but usually watch a show on my iPad.

I’m taking binge watching to a new level.

I just completed all seasons of Bones and just started watching Numb3rs.

Netflix Streaming Pioneer Woman

I also occasionally watch any HGTV Show like House Hunters or House Hunters International and of course The Pioneer Woman. Sometimes I’m productive while I watch my shows and will fold a basket of laundry but most of the time I’m timing contractions or resting my giant belly.

I have a feeling I will probably continue to watch plenty of shows on Netflix after baby 4 is born since I’ll be cuddling and nursing a newborn for the next few weeks.

A new baby is a great excuse to catch up on my Netflix binge watching…

What to watch next?

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for Baby and Binge Watching

  1. Team Bossy Gals

    Wow! How exciting!! Very best wishes to you! I went to the hospital on my due date and practically demanded they get the show on the road! Ha! Of course, she was born the next day. She’s stubborn like that! Can’t wait to see your little boy, mom! You are so important! Just thought I’d stop in and say hi! ~Team Bossy Gals M/D~


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