Our Family Focused Vacation in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Last weekend we took a long weekend trip to visit Joe’s family in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina. Mt. Pleasant is a town just outside of Charleston, across the the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge.

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We frequently visit the Charleston area since Joe has family in the area and we often go into Charleston to do the regular touristy stuff but this visit we wanted to keep it local to Mt. Pleasant. We took a quick morning trip to Sullivan’s Island for a little visit to the beach. It’s such a low key and relaxing beach that is super close to Mt. Pleasant.

Sullivan's Island SC beach We also visited the Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront Park. It’s located below the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and has a great playground for kids and a pier. From the pier you can see the USS Yorktown and other ships at Patriots Point.

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Of course we had to eat and some local favorites like East Bay Deli, Melvin’s BBQ and Metto Coffee (which Jude thinks is a tree house).

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We had a great time visit family and friends in Mt. Pleasant. It’s a great town that has a lot of great family friendly things to do…. and some funky stuff too.

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