Paleo30 Day4 – Saturday

Yesterday was probably one of the most relaxing Saturday’s I’ve had in awhile. We had no where to be and nothing to do. We ate, relaxed and enjoyed the day. I started off by making us some blueberry smoothies which were pretty awesome.

  • Frozen Banana
  • Frozen Bluberries
  • Sunbutter
  • Almondmilk

Screen Shot 2014-01-05 at 3.33.06 PM The boys seems to like them pretty well.

Lunch was leftover Curry Chicken on a Sweet Potato.

Then it was naptime for the 2 littles, Lego time for Jude, Joe went to the store and I sat on the couch and read 2 chapters in my book. I’ve been reading Destiny of the Republic for over a year and have yet to finish it. I love reading but when I read at night I fall asleep after 1 page and I don’t usually have time to read during the day. Plus our Nook went MIA for awhile but I finally found it and remembered that I actually like reading. I would have read more but the battery died so I was forced to do some chores… blech.

For dinner we had Paleo Cuban Picadilla. This is one of our family’s favorite dishes. One day I will get my friend Kristy to share the recipe with you guys, it’s her grandmother-in-law’s recipe so I think it best if she shares it.

After the boys were in bed Joe went out with some of the guys and I watched New York, I Love You which is a celebrity filled film of short love stories set in New York city. Check it out, it’s on Netflix Instant!

I love Saturdays like this one. I hope to have many more in 2014.

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