Dear Child, Please Poop in the Potty

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From day 1 of potty training Noah has done exceptionally well… with going pee in the potty. He occasionally has an accident but most days he remains dry all day. You may remember what initially prompted our potty training venture, the poop diapers. Almost every day at nap time Noah would remove his poopy diaper and mess with it. We took that as a sign that he didn’t like being dirty and was ready to be potty trained. Well several months later and he’s refusing to poop in the potty and still taking off his poop pull-up after nap time.

Here’s the situation:

  • He wears underwear during the day and a pull-up at nap time and night time.
  • He goes potty before nap time and bedtime where we’ve encouraged him to poop but it never happens.
  • Right before nap and bed he drinks milk (I’m thinking of cutting this out).
  • Sometimes he poops in the diaper and sometimes he doesn’t.
  • If he poops in his diaper he will pretty much change himself (wipes, new pull-up, etc).

I tried putting a little potty in his room to encourage him to use that instead of the floor, didn’t work.

We removed all diapers, pull-ups and wipes from his bedroom and placed them in the bathroom so he associates poop with the bathroom.

Next we are going to start showing him each BM and us dumping it in the potty so he has a visual of where the poop goes. Otherwise we are pretty much out of ideas of ways to help him stop pooping everywhere.

Honestly, I would rather just change a normal poop diaper than poop from the walls, carpet, bed, furniture, his body, etc…

Do you have any advice for how we can get Noah to poop in the potty?

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5 thoughts on “Dear Child, Please Poop in the Potty

  1. Laura

    Oh my! I can’t imagine cleaning poop off the walls and carpet! My little one is only 15 months so I haven’t had to deal with any potty training yet and I am dreading it! No advice here, but I hope things improve for you soon!

  2. Diana @ Nanny to Mommy

    Will he poop in the potty if he has underwear on? My daughter isn’t quite ready for night time training and she will poop in her pull up if she has one on, but if not she will poop in the potty. Have you tried taking him to the potty once you see him starting to poop? That helped my friend’s little girl with association. I think changing the time you give him milk is a great idea, as well as showing him where the poop goes.

  3. Melanie Johnson

    Is he saving his poop for pull up time? He may be waiting to have it on to do his business. Try taking away the pull up’s. Cleaning up pee’d on sheets is better than pooped on floors and walls. Also, maybe a book on germs that will make playing with your poo less desirable. Training can be so frustrating.

    Not related to your poop issue but something to consider, night training a boy can take YEARS. They are way more prone to bed wetting and it is common to go on into school age years.

  4. Jess (The Cozy Reader)

    You’ve got a list of great ideas so far.

    The only thing I can think to contribute is to offer a treat if he poops in the potty. We offer our 2 year old potty pops. A dumdum lollipop for poops on the potty. He thinks he should get a potty pop every time he uses the potty so we also call them poop pops but that just sounds infinitely worse to me.

    Wishing you luck. Our little man does not fess up to poops EVER. He’ll be squatting and pushing and I’ll ask him if he has to poop (while he’s pooping) and he’ll forever say NO. He hasn’t gotten to take off a poopy pull-up yet so I’m thankful for that! Good luck!


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