Sight Words Bingo

Sight Word Bingo Game Jude has been working on sight words at school. We read together every night but I wanted another way to help him become more familiar with his sight words so I create a fun game of Sight Words Bingo.

I designed 10 different bingo cards so we can practice all of his words. We can also play with friends and everyone can have their own unique bingo card. I also created word cards which are great for beginner readers that still need to associate the visual word with the audible word. More advanced game players may choose to not use the word cards.

Sight Word Bingo Printable

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Sight Word Cart Printables

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We cut out some circles using construction paper to use as our Bingo chips. You could use toys, stickers, or really anything as chips. Jude really enjoyed playing Sight Word Bingo. I called out the word and he searched the paper for the appropriate word. He had a little trouble with some of the words so after a few guesses I showed the card to him so he could see and hear the word.

Sight Word Bingo


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5 thoughts on “Sight Words Bingo

  1. Suzi Satterfield

    This is wonderful! My three year old is starting to recognize some words from reading the Spot the Dog books. Something like this to add to it when he gets a few more words under his belt could be lots ad lots of fun. 🙂


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