Christmas Tree Weekend

Joe was out of town all last week for work. The boys had been begging me for a Christmas tree so the day after Joe got home we took our annual trip to the NC State Farmers Market to pick out our tree. It was freezing and lightly snowing but we had a great time picking out a really tall tree. I think almost every year we buy our tree from Howell Brothers, a Christmas tree farm from Sparta, NC. They always have great deals and wonderful customer service.

The boys really liked this itty bitty tree

I like my trees to be imperfect, I love the crooked and odd shaped trees. Nature is unique and never perfect and that’s what I love about a real Christmas tree.



No one has time to be sick

Somehow we’ve managed to dodge any major illness in our home this fall/winter season. Just a few runny noses but I know it’s coming. The coughing, the congestion, the sneezing, the dreaded winter cold. I’m prepare this season with Children’s cold medicine on hand.

When my boys get sick I don’t want to drag them to the store to buy cold medicine, I want to walk to the medicine cabinet and get them exactly what they need so they will be feeling better as soon as possible.

Just last week my 2 youngest had low fevers and didn’t feel well so I’m glad I had some Children’s Advil on hand. The grape flavor made it easy for them to take and within 24 hours they were back to the normal wild and crazy little boys I love so much.

Moms know that when one child gets sick the probability of all remaining children catching the same illness is pretty high. So when the first child shows signs of an illness I go into disinfecting mode. I clean everything I can get my hands on and I immediately start to treat their symptoms to help them feel better. You’ve got to be proactive as a mom of many kids or your whole house will be down for the a week or more. Who as time for that?

Pfizer Pediatric products like Children’s Advil, Children’s Dimetapp Cold & Cough’s and Children’s Robitussin DM Day/Night Pack are great products to keep stocked in your medicine cabinet this winter. When sickness happens, you’ll be prepared.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – for him

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight

Slingshot coffee caramels are one of my husband’s favorite treats. He pretty much loves all things coffee so these are a no brainer. He also loves North Carolina beverages like Lassiter Distillery Rum, Conniption Navy Strength Gin and Highland Thunderstruck Coffee Porter. And of course you need something from which to drink all your coffee and adult beverages, we have 2 Yeti Lowball Ramblers that are used every. single. day.

Joe has a pretty epic beard and he keeps it well groomed with Rhett’s Mythical Beard Oil by Beard and Lady. (Also check out the Mythical Pomade) While we’re talking about looking your best don’t forget your feet, Pair of Thieve socks (and underwear) are available at Target.

There are a number of great outdoorsy type things I could list but Joe said his favorite and most used tool when he goes camping is his Estwing hatchet. Although he does love his Therm-a-Rest Sleeping Pad, Black Diamond Moji Lantern and Therm-a-rest Pillow.

Finally, let’s talk technology. Joe travels frequently for work and he always brings along his Roku Streaming Stick so he can binge watch Netflix in his hotel room at night. When he’s home you’ll find him playing Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on his Nintendo Switch to decompress after a long week of work.

Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – for the boys

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We don’t buy our boys a lot of toys for Christmas because 4 kids times lots of toys equals my house looks like a Toys-R-Us exploded. I tend to lean more towards gifts of experiences which and one day I’d love to surprise the boys with a trip to Disney World for Christmas. But experiences can be smaller too like a trip to Great Wolf Lodge or a local trampoline park or a gift card to your favorite ice cream spot.

However, even though we tend to favor experience gifts it’s also nice for kids to open actual present they can play with on Christmas morning so here are a few of our favorite things we own or will be getting soon.

We are in the digital age and video games are fun and education but good old board games to fun too. My boys always ask for expensive LEGO sets they only build once when all they really want is the mini-figures. Creative play like science experiment kids, cooking, dress up pretend play and trains are always classic. And let’s not forget our favorite books.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2017 – My Favorite Things

one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine

I don’t own all of these things on this list but the things I don’t own they are on my wish list and Iwill probably soon own.

I don’t own the Lightweight Cozy Cardigan by A New Day, yet. I love wearing caridgans because it’s a great way to add interest to an outfit and stay warm in the winter months.

I love the dv Roselyn Suede High Top Sneakers from Target. They are only $35 and are super comfy for running around with the kids. I like the taupe color but they also come in navy.

Every single one of the images in this series of art is beautiful (they also have some beautiful coffee greeting cards). I also love all of the jewelry by Windblow jewlery.

The Essie Lady Like color is a perfect wintery pink shade and I just ordered more Glossier (also get brow boy). I also love everything from Good Juju Herbal like their soap, dead sea clay mask and this facial toner.

Finally, I have The Brilliance on repeat pretty much all day. And I just ordered my 2018 calendar from The Lettered Life.

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Time for Framing – New House Update

Progress is being made on our home. The builders have been working hard the past few weeks. They are nearing completion of the framing. They started on Wednesday and even worked on Thanksgiving and as of Friday morning the second floor was almost complete. They will probably be finished with the framing by Tuesday of next week.

The beginning of November they poured the foundation.

All of the framing supplies arrive, like our roof. They still have to add the brick to the foundation.

On Wednesday, November 22 they started the framing.

They worked on Thanksgiving Day and by Friday morning they were nearing the completion of the second floor.

The due date to complete the framing is December 4th. After the framing is finished we will do a walk through with the builder to make sure everything is correct.

Follow along as I document the building of our home.

Disney Pixar’s Coco – Movie Review

Disney Pixar’s newest film, Coco is such a fun a creative story. Before previewing the film earlier this week I didn’t know too much about the story line other than it celebrated Mexican culture and family. It looked like a movie I would like and knowing the kind of films Pixar produces I had high expectations. I was not disappointed.

Coco tells the story of a young boy and his family. Despite his family’s baffling generations-old ban on music, Miguel dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol, Ernesto de la Cruz. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead following a mysterious chain of events. Along the way, he meets charming trickster Hector, and together, they set off on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

This movie is fabulous. It was heart-felt, warm and funny as well as visually stimulating. I was a little concerned that a story line about death might be dark and scary but it was so heart-warming and cheery. In the same way Disney’s Up shared some of the heart ache of death Coco dives in a bit deeper.

I was absolutely blown away by the animation. Not only was there so much attention to detail, like the light, water, skin and hair but the expressions of the characters were so accurate. It’s hard to explain but there were a few moments when a character would make a movement or expression that was very representative of their culture. It wasn’t anything stereotypical but just little head tilts or the way they moved their mouth when talking that was so spot on. It wasn’t just animation of moving a mouth up and down like a puppet but the exact movements the entire body makes while speaking certain words, in a certain language with a certain accent. Fabulous.

Additionally, I love Gael García Bernal as the voice of Hector. I think he was probably my favorite character. His story line is so strong and fascinating. Most kids movies are pretty predictable but I was genuinely surprised with the twists of the story. It was such a compeling story I think children and adults will be both entertained. Also, be forewarned there may be some tear, because you can’t make a movie about death without sadness.

I will say that because the film is focused around the theme of family death parents might want to be prepared to answer some questions about death and afterlife. Otherwise, I don’t think it was dark or scary or had any moments that would be inappropriate for younger children. They mention murder, which might be a difficult topic but there wasn’t anything visually violent or scary. I actually, really liked how well they deal with such a heavy issue. I think this could be a great tool for parents that can use, in the same way Inside Out was a great film that dealt with emotions.

Coco is now playing in theaters across the county.

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Thanksgiving Juice Box Craft for Kids

This holiday season make the whole family envious of the kid’s table with these adorable turkey juice boxes. They are easy to make and a great craft to make with kids ahead of time. My kids get super excited about crafts and are very creative once I let them free to create as they desire.

I set out a bunch of craft supplies so they could create juice box turkeys.

Our supplies:

  • construction paper (brown, red, yellow, white)
  • craft feathers
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • scissors
  • Juicy Juice boxes

I let the boys help me create and assemble the first juice box turkey.

This is our joint effort juice box turkey.

Then I set them free to make their own juice box creations.  Jude made a juice box pilgrim to accompany the turkey.

We love spending our time during the holidays together being crafty. If you’re looking for more family time ideas check out Juicy Juice Family Time activity ideas.

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