Abel – 7 months old

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Yesterday Abel turned 7 months old.

Photo Aug 27, 2 56 26 PM

Abel is by far the happiest baby we’ve had. He is almost always laughing and smiling, especially when his Dada is around. He is a Daddy’s boy for sure. He adores Joe and completely lights up whenever he’s in the room.

Abel is also on the verge of crawling. He scoots around using a combat crawl to get wherever he wants to go. He also gets up on his knees and rocks back and forth, a few times he’s attempted to move his hands or knees but he usually just resorts to the combat crawl. He is also on the verge of sitting up on his own. If I put him in a sitting position he can hold it until he wants to move then he just hurls himself over and starts to crawl away. When he’s up on his knees he can pull a leg through to an almost sitting position all by himself. I bet he’ll be crawling and sitting within the month.

Photo Aug 27, 11 37 35 AM

We also finally set up a real crib for him. He’s been sleeping in our room in either the bassinet or primarily in our bed. He was have trouble staying asleep in the bassinet so we decided to set up the crib in our room. It took him a day or so to adjust to the crib but he’s been sleeping much better. He will usually come back in the bed with us sometime early in the morning hours when he wakes to eat (4-5am). He easily falls back asleep and we put him back in his bed when we get up for the day. Often he will sleep until 10am.

He’s still taking 3 naps a day. Late morning, afternoon and evening. He’s our night owl and will often nap until around 8pm then won’t go to bed until 10pm. We’re working on adjust his evening nap so it will become bedtime but so far he’s happy so we’ll make it work.

Abel is still exclusively breastfed although he is starting to show interest in solid food. I’m not in a rush to introduce solids because he is a very health weight and seems content with the milk. Plus, solid food means more mess, more meal planning, and yuckier diapers. I’m honestly just putting it off as long as I can. No reason to make more work for myself when he’s fine with our current situation.

All around Abel is awesome. He’s not the most laid back baby I’ve had (I think Simon takes that award) but he’s still pretty chill and always good for a smile.


Our new Netflix Favorite: DinoTrux

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Netflix has released a new original series, DinoTrux and my boys are obsessed.

DinoTrux are half dino and half truck. Ty Rux, a massive Tyrannosaurus Trux, and his best friend Revvit, a razor-sharp Reptool, are building a bigger and better world together — and battling against the biggest and baddest of them all, D-Structs, who seems determined to wreck everything that’s good about their world.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 3.28.26 PM

The boys love the theme music and after just one episode they have their favorite characters. Noah loves Skya because there is a girl dinosaur just like in real life some are girls and some are boys.

We recently had a fun DinoTrux scavenger hunt where the boys looked for clues that eventually led them to some fun rock candy.

If you have little boys or girls that love dinosaurs and/or trucks they will love DinoTrux!



Mordecai Historic House #DiscoverRaleighParks

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Remember last week when we went to the Walnut Creek Wetlands and John Chavis Memorial Park on the same day? Well, after we finished those parks we were hot, hungry and thirsty so we drove down Person St to Krispy Kreme for a drink and some Hot Now Donuts.

Photo Aug 20, 3 15 20 PM

It’s always fun to watch them make the donuts!

Photo Aug 20, 3 16 18 PM

Photo Aug 20, 3 16 46 PM

After our refreshments we decided to stop by the Mordecai Historic Park since we were so close. We didn’t take an official tour since they were closing in 30 minutes but we did get our passport stamp and explored the grounds. Jude was fascinated by the fact that our country’s 17th president Andrew Johnson was born in one of the houses on the property. Even though the house was moved from it’s original location on Fayetteville St. he thought it was neat that he was born in a house that was just down the road from where of our presidents was also born.

Photo Aug 20, 3 35 54 PM

The boys really enjoyed looking at all of the fruits and vegetables that are growing in the garden.

Photo Aug 20, 3 39 27 PM

Photo Aug 20, 3 36 38 PM

Photo Aug 20, 3 42 38 PM

Photo Aug 20, 3 43 32 PM

Photo Aug 20, 3 43 50 PM


John Chavis Memorial Park #DiscoverRaleighParks

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Last week after we visited the Walnut Creek Wetlands I realized how close we were to Chavis Park so we drove around the corner and stopped by our 5th stop on our Discover Raleigh Parks tour. I’d been to Chavis Park many years ago in the early 90’s well before they renovated in 2011. It was much different than I remember. It is a beautiful park with a lovely historic carousel.

We started in the community center which was buzzing with activity where we got our passport stamp. We didn’t stay long because there were a good number of people coming and going from the building and we didn’t want to be in the way.

Photo Aug 20, 2 25 39 PM

So we headed back outside where we stopped at the “Glimpses of the Promised Land” sculpture which was created by Mike Roig in 2006. It’s a beautiful sculpture of abstract flocks of birds that twirl in the wind. The sculpture is inspired by the words or Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech. It is made from recycled steel beams, stainless steel hospital trays and an old truck axle. Roig says that the sculpture was inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen.

Photo Aug 20, 2 32 58 PM

Photo Aug 20, 2 32 24 PM

Photo Aug 20, 2 34 41 PM

Then we stopped at the Historic Allan Herschell Carousel which has been in the park since the 1930’s. It is a gorgeous carousel which was recently restored and is now indoors. Originally the carousel was built for African-American residents in segregated Raleigh when they were only allowed limited access to Pullen Park.

Photo Aug 20, 2 37 41 PM

Photo Aug 20, 2 39 22 PM

Photo Aug 20, 2 49 04 PM

Photo Aug 20, 2 51 13 PM

We walked past to the pool area and wished we had our swimsuits as it was a pretty hot day. Then the boys played on the playground and made some new friends.

We enjoyed our visit to Chavis Park and will certainly visit again.


The case of the mysterious rash


On Thursday afternoon Joe started to feel sick. I also noticed a few small red bumps on Simon’s face. I didn’t think too much of Simon’s rash and was primarily concerned with Joe’s fever he developed later that evening. During the night Joe’s fever rose and I knew he was sick and wouldn’t be going […]

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Walnut Creek Wetlands Center #DiscoverRaleighParks


Confession: I’d never even heard of Walnut Creek Wetlands until I picked up the Discover Raleigh Parks Passport and I’ve lived in Raleigh most of my life. So, one day last week when Joe was working from home and the two little boys were napping Jude, Noah and I set off on an adventure to […]

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Sertoma Arts Center/ Shelley Lake #DiscoverRaleighParks


Yesterday I took the boys to our 3 stop on our Raleigh Parks Tour. Our previous home backed up to the Shelley Lake hiking trail but since we only lived in that house for a year most of which I was either extremely pregnant or caring a for newborn Noah we only ventured down the […]

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Let’s talk about age, hormones and weight….


Let’s talk about age, hormones and weight….all the things women love to talk about. After Simon was born I worked really hard to eat healthy and exercise and I lost all of the baby weight plus more. I was down to my pre-wedding size. When I became pregnant with Abel I gained it all back. […]

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