Are We Going To Have Another Natural Birth?

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35 weeks pregnant baby 4

I’m almost 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th child. It is possible this baby boy could come soon, however if previous births are any indication we still have about a month left. (My babies are always 1-2 weeks late.)

I have been intentionally ignoring thoughts of the upcoming birth. You see, I’ve had 3 natural births (2 homebirths and 1 hospital birth), all fairly good experiences but I’m not really looking forward to labor and delivery. Yes, the miracle of life is beautiful and the baby that will join our family will be awesome but from my past experiences the whole labor part isn’t all that awesome. I’ve never experienced a orgasmic birth or been able to visualize the opening of a beautiful flower or whatever… it’s usually crushing waves of contractions and burning rings of fire. I’ll be honest and admit I’m not really looking forward to it.

Having 3 births under my belt I know that each experience is different and the key is to listen and respond to what your body and the baby is telling you. I know I’m capable of another natural birth but weather or not I want to do it is another story. The female body is amazing and is able to do some pretty awesome things especially when it comes to birth but birth is also a very intense physical event.

At my last OB appointment the midwife said they were aware of my previous birth choices and would attempt to be as noninvasive as possible. I politely smiled and said OK but I’m really not as gung-ho about the whole thing as I had been. That’s not to say I won’t attempt a natural birth but who knows.

So the answer the questions, “Will we have another natural birth?”
I don’t know.
That’s the best answer I can give. My brain says no thanks but my body has a way of doing whatever it wants. I have quick labor and deliveries so it might be counterproductive to take anything during labor.

For now I’m trying to focus on getting through the holiday season and start preparing for this baby. We haven’t really done too much since our boys have always taken their time, but you never know this guy could be anxious to meet his brothers and throw us all for a loop. Guess I should unpack some baby clothes.


Mom Guilt and Finding A Social Balance for Jude

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Cafe Carolina

Christmas is only a few days away and as I see friends post pictures of their child’s school Christmas party or play I start to feel a little mom guilt for homeschooling Jude. He is an extremely social kid, he craves social interaction. Since we started homeschooling he receives far less socialization than he used to and it’s starting to become evident in his daily activities. I’ve considered signing him up for sports teams or other group events but it is not an ideal time for our family to start any new activities (Christmas plus expecting a 4th baby). In no way do I regret the decision to pull Jude out of his school and homeschool him but I am struggling to find a healthy balance for both him and I to help give him the social interaction he needs.

Part of Jude’s personality and quirks include a lack of understanding social situations which makes it difficult for him to fit it and difficult for me to help him regulate. Ideally, the easiest solution would be to avoid social situations however having him integrated into normal social events is crucial for him to learn what is acceptable and what is not. I know I need to find some activities that will allow him to play with other children his age but I cannot commit myself to too much right now. We are expecting baby 4 anytime within the next few weeks and I’m already feeling stressed about how I will divide my time among my current responsibilities.

Today I took advantage of Joe’s flexible work schedule and took Jude on a small field trip to the NC Museum of Natural Science and out to lunch. While we didn’t socialize much with other children is was a nice little break from our regular routine and I hope it made him feel special. One of the benefits of homeschool is having a flexible schedule.NC Museum of Natural Science

NC Museum of Natural Science

NC Museum of Natural Science

NC Museum of Natural Science

Cafe Carolina

It might take a little time to get used to our different schedule, especially after the baby comes, but I’m hopeful we can find some activities Jude can join that will help give him the socialization he craves. Right now I’m looking into evening activities like Cub Scouts or Sports that would allow Joe to be more involved but we probably won’t make any big decisions until after the new year and the new baby.


I love all the delicious sugary sweet holiday treats this time of year. Holiday treats are fun for everyone but nobody enjoys a sugar crazed toddler. So this year I’m planning to add more healthy treats to my boys’ stockings, treats like Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars.

Nature’s Bakery makes delicious fig based snack bars in a variety of flavors. I love that they are dedicated to using quality ingredients to make their all-natural snacks. They believe in keeping things simple and seeking balance in life between nature, activity and nutrition. This is how I like to perceive myself as a mother… natural and awesome.

I first bought Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars about a year ago and my boys went crazy for them. They are a little difficult to find in our area but whenever I see them in the store I buy as many as possible because my kids love them so much. The boys of course love the traditional fig flavor but we are excited to try some of the newer flavors like strawberry and mango.

We’ll still have chocolate and special holiday treats but I know my boys will love having their stocking full of Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. Plus, I’ll feel good about the healthy treats Santa brought them and hopefully we can avoid too many sugar crazed toddler hours on Christmas day.

Nature’s Bakery produces all natural, kosher, cholesterol-free fuel you need to help power life’s great journeys. If you love Nature’s Bakery products join the
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This post was created in partnership with Nature’s Bakery. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Counting Kingdom App Review

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Jude loves math and is extremely gifted with problem solving so I knew he would love the new Counting Kingdom Game from Little Worlds Interactive.

counting kingdom

About Counting Kindgom
The Counting Kingdom is an educational game that encourages players to practice their addition skills in a playful and engaging way.  Kids play as the Apprentice, a brave young wizard who must save the kingdom from an invading horde of monsters.  Players will journey throughout the kingdom, building their math skills as they cast magical spells to defend against the monsters and rescue all the castles.

Jude gets really excited about Counting Kingdom. He loves the adventure throughout the different different regions of Counting Kingdom in order to defend the kingdom from monsters.

The math starts out pretty simple with basic addition but progressive gets more difficult and challenges the player to use strategic problem solving in addition to performing more advanced mathematical equations. At age 6, Jude is pretty advanced with his math skills and his problem solving abilities which is great because the game progressively gets more difficult as you go along. For this reason I think the base age for this game might be more appropriate for ages 7 or 8 even though it states ages 6-8. As a grown adult with a college degree, I find it intellectually challenging so I think a younger child might become easily frustrated with the level of difficulty. However, I think children that display advanced math skills and superb problem solving abilities would really enjoy this game. The game play is very creative and visually pleasing especially for children.

counting kingdom screen

Jude really loves all of the different options for solving the problems like the subtraction and addition potions, changing out spells and deciphering different combinations that will yield higher results. Counting Kingdom builds an excitement for mathematics and encourages players to engage with math rather than solve basic equations.

Download Counting Kingdom - $2.99

The featured app and information have been provided free for my review purposes. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not influenced by the company.


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