Jude’s Evaluation Results

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Visual Learner

After weeks of meetings, tests, and questionnaires we finally received the results from Jude’s full psychological evaluation. It’s a very complex process with equally complex results but ultimately we learned that Jude doesn’t have any major psychological issues or learning disabilities.

He did score on the low end of the spectrum for ADHD and that was primarily because of his hyperactivity. He also scored average in all of the academic areas which ruled out a learning disability. But it appears his major struggle comes from his IQ. Overall he has an above average IQ. There are apparently several different areas of the IQ test and in most areas he scored slightly above average, however his visual IQ score was at the top of the chart. The discrepancy between his visual IQ and the other areas is where his struggle lies. Visual learning and subjects that require strong visual and spatial abilities come very easily to him which makes other areas seem more difficult to him (even though is is on-par or slightly above average in those areas). Mix that with his struggle to maintain focus and drive to be active and there in lies the basis for most of the challenges we face with Jude.

Of course the doctors recommended a variety of treatments including medication for the ADHD. However, we are hoping to avoid medication if possible, especially since he didn’t score significantly in those areas. So right now we are doing our research on how to assist a visually gifted child. We plan to continue to homeschool Jude for the remainder of the school year but will try to implement visually based learning techniques. Thankfully I already knew he was predisposed to visual learning and selected curriculum accordingly.

None of the test results were all that surprising, although I was shocked to see just how high his IQ was for visual. I’m glad we took the time to have him evaluated because it gives us a solid framework from which to build an action plan for his future. I often wondered if he had ADHD but didn’t realize there could me so many other variables that could effect his behavior. Now instead of guessing about what will work best for him we have a better understanding of how his brain works.

It gives me great peace of mind to know how to help him and also knowing he doesn’t have any developmental delays or other disorders. We were prepared to assist him in any way we needed but right now it just looks like he needs an environment that will be encouraging and can be tailored to his unique learning style.


Please Don’t Say I Love You

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Pullen Park Fall 2014I’m going to be sad when Simon learns to say, “I love you.”

I know that’s a weird statement to make but I honestly mean it.

Every day, multiple times a day I tell Simon (and all of my boys) that I love him. Up until a few months ago he never responded, which is typical for a baby. But then his vocabulary began to explode and I expect him to say it in return. Not really out of obligation but because little kids repeat whatever you say to them, they are sort of like giant fleshy parrots. My older boys would just repeat back to me whatever I said. For instance, “I love you Jude” or “I love you Noah”.

Then one day I told Simon I loved him as I usually do and he simply replied, “Too Mama.” My heart completely melted, especially since he leaned in for a little snuggle as he said it. Now every time I tell him I love him he says, ‘Too Mama” and it makes me so happy. It’s almost as if the “I love you” part is implied but you know it’s totally intentional and thought out. He knows what he’s saying and even more he knows that I understand him. It’s freakin adorable.

I’m sure there will come a day, probably sooner than I hope, that Simon will learn to say “I love you.” but I will always cherish this season of “Too Mama.”


Homeschooling with Netflix

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Homeschool with Netflix

One of the challenges I face with Homeschooling Jude is his insatiable appetite for learning. He need to be constantly consuming or regurgitation information almost constantly. I think it’s awesome that he loves to learn but it can also become burdensome when I also have to keep 2 toddlers entertained. So we have started to utilize kid friendly documentaries and educational shows on Streaming Netflix.

I can a documentary on the TV and all 3 boys will be entertained, at least for a little while. Or I can give Jude the iPad where he can select his user profile to watch age appropriate shows while I tend to the little boys. Likewise I can turn on shows to entertain the little boys when I need to assist Jude with his school work.

Utilizing Streaming Netflix has been a huge help with our sudden transition to homeschool.

Here are a few of our favorite educational shows that I my First Grade son loves.

Leap Frog on Netflix LeapFrog

The Blue Planet on Netflix

The Blue Planet

Disneynature Wings of Life

Disney Nature Wings of Life

MicroCosmo on Netflix


Inside Lego on Netflix

Inside Lego


Netflix Streaming has made this transition to homeschool much easier so tomorrow night we will celebrate with a movie night. Right now it’s a toss up between Beethoven and Chicken Run.

I am part of the Netflix Stream Team ambassador program. I received no compensated for my time, but I was provided product. All opinions listed are 100% my own.


Keeping my 6 year old busy with Educational Apps

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7 educational apps for 1st gradeWe’re about halfway through our 1st week of homeschool. I’m still waiting on some of our curriculum that I ordered to arrive, in the meantime I’m improvising. Everyday I have Jude work on reading, writing, spelling, and math then we just sort of wing it. I’m hoping to get connected with a local Classical Conversations group which will help with everything else.

My biggest challenge is keeping him busy. He always needs a job to do or a project to work on. It only takes him about an hour to complete his school work (I may need to add a little more, we’ll see what the rest of his curriculum requires when it arrives) so by 10am he’s ready for the next activity.

In the meantime I’ve downloaded some great educational apps (most are trial versions for now) that keep him entertained but also teach him stuff.

Here are a few of the Apps we love (so far)

Kodable App Kodable – Kodable teaches kids the basics of any programming language in a fun game! Completely self-guided and designed for kids 5 and up.
Cost: $Free

Montessori United States of America

Montessori United States of America – Learn the names and locations of all the fifty states in America with this app that complements the geography materials used in the Montessori Classroom!
Cost: $2.99 (free trial version available)

Interactive Time Telling

Interactive Telling Time – Interactive Telling Time is great for kids from ages 3 to 12 and comes in 5 difficulty levels so that it helps kids master telling time progressively (statistics is provided to help keep track of your child’s progress).
Cost: $2.99 (free trial version available)

Lumio Farm Factor

Lumio Farm Factor: Multiplication & Division Basics – Ready for a crunchy, farm-fresh math treat? Solve satisfying veggie number problems and unlock two harvest adventures as you progress.
Cost: $2.99 (free trial version available)

Bible for Kids

Bible for Kids – The Bible App for Kids is the newest member of the YouVersion family of apps. Available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, the Bible App for Kids is always completely free!
Cost: $Free

Disneynature Explorer

Disneynature Explore – Explore the outdoors like never before through the world of amazing animals!
Cost: $Free

Spanish School Bus

Spanish School Bus – Quickly learn basic Spanish vocabulary with exciting, colorful, and addictive game play through Spanish School Bus for Kids!
Cost: $4.99 (free trial version available)

I’m constantly downloading new (free) games to try so if you have any great suggestions please send them my way.



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