Great Deals from Sam’s Club Baby #SamsClubBaby

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September was Baby Month at Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club has all the must-have daily baby items you need. With 4 boys we love shopping at club stores like Sam’s. We find the best deals on top quality product for our whole family.

Photo Sep 29, 10 36 48 AM

Photo Sep 29, 10 38 10 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 02 35 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 02 49 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 03 15 AM

Photo Sep 29, 11 03 20 AM

Sam’s Club offers a huge variety of baby products in store and online.

Did you know that Sam’s Club offers Club Pickup? You can enlist a “personal shopper” with Club Pickup, a service that allows you to place your order online and have it waiting for you at your local club at the time that works best for you. This is such a wonderful program, now I don’t have to haul all of the kids through the store or interrupt nap time to do our big monthly shopping trips.

They also have the option to subscribe for an automatic subscription service, allowing you to set up weekly/monthly deliveries to your door on all of your baby and household needs.

Now until October 31st anyone that joins Sam’s Club (via the provided link only) will receive $80 in Instant Savings on baby items like diapers, wipes, formula, etc.

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Our day at the NC BugFest

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A few weekends ago I took Jude and Noah to the NC BugFest 2015.

Each year over 35,000 visitors come to BugFest to experience over 100 exhibits, crafts, games and activities. The NC Museum of Natural Sciences provides the opportunity for you to interact with entomologists and other scientists so you can continue learning about the fascinating world of bugs. They also feature Café Insecta, where the brave can sample buggy dishes prepared by local chefs. The best part is, it’s all free!

We didn’t dine on any buggy treats but we did have a lot of fun and learned about all kinds of bugs. IT was a super hot day so we didn’t stay out too long and of course we had to get an ice cream treat to help keep us cool. All-in-all we had a great time and I would highly advise attending next year’s NC BugFest.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.35.09 PM

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Noodle & Boo Review

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My all time favorite baby wash is the Noodle & Boo Soothing Body Wash. I’ve used it on all of my boys and I absolutely love it. Most recently I’ve tried some of their moisturizing and protecting products like the Super Soft Lotion ,Ultimate Ointment, and Baby Balm.

Noodle and Boo Lotions

The Super Soft Lotion is made with a sweet almond oil and vitamins E and V. The natural formula hydrates and protects to most delicate skin. It is also Hypoallergenic and clinically tested for sensitive skin. My boys typically have sensitive skin so I’m very conservative with which products I use on them and I love this Super Soft Lotion.

The Ultimate Ointment is great for treating a variety of skin issues that effect babies such as cradle cap, eczema, diaper rash and more. The Ultimate Ointment creates a moisture repellent barrier between the skin and sources of irritation to help enhance the healing process. It’s fragrance and preservative free and is also hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

The Baby Balm is an ultra thick cream that provides long lasting moisture care for dry, chapped or chafed skin. The addition of calendula provides natural soothing and comforting properties for irritated skin.

Noodle & Boo uses the best natural ingredients that are created to be gentle on baby’s sensitive skin.

Noodle & Boo products are available at Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Von Maur, and

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My boys love apples. We had a period of about 4 months last year where we had to hide our apples so they would last more than 2 days.

I love that when afternoon snack time rolls around my boys just instinctively grab an apple. They especially love Lil Snappers Kid Size Fruit.


We often pack apples in our daily lunches because they are a quick and healthy snack option. The boys also choose apples as their afternoon snack. I love that Lil Snappers is marketing fruit to children when there are so many other unhealthy options being pushed their direction. The fun cartoon characters on the side of the bag are appealing to children and the delicious flavor keeps them coming back for more.

Lil Snappers are a grab-and-go fresh produce product featuring tasty, “kid-sized fruits” from two well-known family growers – Stemilt and Sunkist, and include either delicious apples, pears, oranges and mandarins. Available in convenient, re-sealable, 3-pound pouches, each Lil Snappers package contains enough fruit to pack a child’s lunches and snacks for a week

image001[2] image003[2]

In the Raleigh area you can find Lil Snappers Kid Size Fruit at Food Lions and Fresh Markets.

Also, get your FREE E-Book: Creative Ways to Spruce up the Lunchbox

I received the featured products complementary to review for this post. The opinions expressed are my own and not influenced by the company.



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Finding quiet time for mama


There is a constant hum of noise streaming through my house from sun up to well beyond sun down. I consider myself a fairly introverted person and I thrive on quiet moments during which I can meditate and reflect. As you can guess finding quiet time is difficult. But I’m working hard to carve out […]

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LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum & New Imagicards Review


For the past few weeks we’ve been playing with the new LeapPad Platinum from LeapFrog. The boys love the newly designed LeapPad. Check out Jude’s video review of the LeapPad Platinum and the Imagicards. My 7 year old, Jude gives a tour of the new LeapPad Platinum features: The new tablet featurs a 7” multi-touch […]

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Sharing Mr. Rogers’ with my boys.


So by now you probably noticed that I write about Netflix a lot. I am a part of an awesome program called the Netflix Stream Team. I’m not really sure how I was selected to be on the Stream Team but it’s awesome. You see, I love Netflix and have had a Netflix account since […]

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